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OT/PT Services

School-based occupational therapy (OT) and physical therapy (PT) are related services. These services support students with disabilities in school-related activities so that they may become more independent, more successful, and participate safely in the educational environment. Students who are receiving Special Education services may be referred by the ARD committee for an OT and/or PT evaluation. Evaluation information will be presented to the ARD committee which is responsible for making final decisions regarding the implementation of therapy services. These related services are provided to assist students in reaching their IEP objectives as set by the ARD committee, and eligibility is determined by whether the student requires the services to receive benefit from special education.

The ARD committee should consider OT and/or PT services after the school staff has tried modifications, accommodations,  and support services “available to all students.” (Refer to §89.1011. Referral for Full and Individual Initial Evaluation) If the student has not responded to the intervention without success in areas of fine motor, gross motor, self-care skills, positioning for function and/or safety, mobility, environmental adaptations, and transitional skills, then the ARD committee may request an OT/PT evaluation.
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