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Region 7 ESC provides technical assistance to LEAs/SSAs to facilitate the evaluation of students with disabilities.
Additionally, Region 7 ESC special education staff offer professional development designed to increase local district capacity to provide comprehensive and appropriate evaluations for students with special needs. Training descriptions and workshop registration are available here.
Region 7 ESC also facilitates the following events for evaluation specialists:
  • New evaluation personnel meeting
  • Evaluation personnel update
  • ETEDA meetings
  • LSSP networking meetings
  • Region 7 ESC offers a variety of evaluation instruments for loan to our member districts.
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Early Identification & Assessment of Disabilities in Children

CFR 34 § 300.34 (c)(3) – “Early identification and assessment of disabilities in children means the implementation of a formal plan for identifying a disability as early as possible in a child's life.”
Identifying learning disabilities early is essential for children to obtain the support they need to be successful in school. Identifying the symptoms early is key to ensuring the child reaches his/her potential. Early diagnosis leads to earlier support and greater opportunity to ensure the needs are met regardless of the learning disability. Much research indicates greater student success occurs with early identification and intervention.

Medical Services

CFR 34 § 300.34 (c)(5) - “Medical services means services provided by a licensed physician to determine a child's medically related disability that results in the child's need for special education and related services.”

Psychological Services

CFR 34 § 300.34 (c)(10) – “Psychological services includes--
• Administering psychological and educational tests, and other assessment procedures;
• Interpreting assessment results;
• Obtaining, integrating, and interpreting information about child behavior and conditions relating to learning;
• Consulting with other staff members in planning school programs to meet the special educational needs of children as indicated by psychological tests, interviews, direct observation, and behavioral evaluations;
• Planning and managing a program of psychological services, including psychological counseling for children and parents; and
• Assisting in developing positive behavioral intervention strategies.

School Health and School Nurse

CFR 34 § 300.34 (c)(13) – "School health services and school nurse services means health services that are designed to enable a child with a disability to receive a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) as described in the child's Individual Education Plan. School nurse services are services provided by a qualified school nurse. School health services are services that may be provided by either a qualified school nurse or other qualified person."
Surrogate Parent Training
School districts are required to ensure that individuals serving as surrogate parents for students receiving special education services complete training prior to their designation as surrogate, but no later than 90 calendar days after their assignment. Districts have flexibility in selecting materials used for training but must cover specific content. The following materials are provided by the Statewide Parent Coordination Network to districts as an option for training surrogate parents. If you choose not to use the PowerPoint provided, you will want to review the table of contents to ensure that the materials you do use address each topic. Additional forms are provided to help you document your process for determining the need for a surrogate, as well as, the assignment, training, and required activities of the surrogate parent.
Surrogate Parent PowerPoints:
  • How to Serve as a Surrogate Parent
  • Spanish Translation: How to Serve as a Surrogate Parent

Upcoming Events

If you have any questions regarding the following events, feel free to call or e-mail the program contact or the contacts listed when you click to register for any of the following events.