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Differentiated Monitoring & Support

The Differentiated Monitoring Support system consists of two types of special education program monitoring: Cyclical reviews and Targeted reviews.


Our team can provide support for your district prior to cyclical monitoring by conducting IEP Folder Reviews, providing training for staff on what to expect, or providing support and training on any area identified by your district in this area.



Results Driven Accountability

The RDA is a local education agency (LEA) level, data-driven framework developed and implemented annually by the Department of Review and Support in coordination with other departments within the Texas Education Agency (TEA).  The RDA Manual, formerly the Performance-Based Monitoring Analysis System (PBMAS), is intended to serve as a comprehensive technical resource used by the TEA as one part of its annual evaluation of LEAs’ performance and program effectiveness.
To obtain the unmasked, confidential RDA Reports for your LEA, access through the TEAL Accountability application.

Significant Disproportionality

IDEA Equity Requirements
Under 20 U.S.C 1418 (d) and 34 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) §300.646, states must provide for the collection and examination of data to annually determine whether significant disproportionality based on race or ethnicity is occurring in the State and local education agencies (LEAs) with respect to three areas.


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