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The foundation for successful science education has its roots in elementary school. Themes, content, and skills that are important in the middle and high schools are actually begun in the primary grades and are expanded and built upon in successive grades. The content and skills which make up science are not taught in isolation; they work together to help ensure that students have the knowledge and abilities to become participating citizens in society. Likewise, science and the other content fields which make up the elementary curriculum need not be taught in isolation. Teaching reading, language arts, social studies, and math in connection with science helps to achieve a truly integrated curriculum.
The science team at Region 7 supports success for all students through teacher and administrator education using:
  • Workshops that improve content understanding and promote best practices.
  • Timely updates of regulations and legislation impacting the science classroom.
  • Connecting teachers with real-world learning opportunities for themselves and their students.

Science Workshops and Resources

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