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OnDataSuite offers LEA’s in Texas access to more data than ever before. OnDataSuite contains a suite of products allowing users more refined choices of data options.
OnPoint® is a data warehouse that aggregates data from multiple educational data sources and presents them in the form of detailed reports, interactive dashboards, and other visualization tools using a powerful analytics software. Data can be used to measure the progress of each student, school and district against various district, state, and federal performance criteria. Whether you need a compliance report to meet legal requirements or a custom data report to help you make an informed decision, OnPoint® can help you with just a few quick clicks.
OnView® is a feature of OnDataSuite® that allows districts to automatically publish their OnPar® Dashboard items to their district website for public viewing that does not require any user maintenance at all. The OnView® module pulls publicly released Texas Academic Performance Reports (TAPR) data directly from the OnPar® system & displays the information in an interactive, graphical format.

With over 1,000+ reports, OnPar® is a powerful multiyear trend analysis and projection tool that allows you to compare your district or campus assessment and financial data side by side with other Texas districts or campuses. OnPar® empowers data driven decisions with actionable data, providing multiple graphing capabilities allowing you to visualize your data. Easily find trends in your data.


OnPar® is hands down the easiest to use trend analysis and projection tool available for school district administrators to use to compare performance across statewide local education agencies. OnPar® uses the well-known public released Texas Academic Performance (TAPR) reports as its data source to provide you with multi-year student assessment performance and financial data.


Our intuitive web based interface makes it easy to create limitless assessment and financial data comparison reports that can be saved, shared, graphed or exported without the need to search through each TAPR report individually. And the best part… Using OnPar® requires virtually no training to get started. This means you can start using the system TODAY!

OnBoard is a district dashboard designed with school board members in mind. School Board members may now easily access basic district data to aid in decision making. The data includes student counts, district and campus performance measures, and some staff data. The data is aggregated from PEIMS and Student assessment files loaded by district staff.

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