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Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS)

IMS facilitates the PEIMS process which is a statewide initiative in response to legislative mandates TEC §8.051. The PEIMS reporting mechanism collects data used by TEA to determine funding and accountability for each district/charter, along with providing data for state legislative inquiries, and ad hoc queries. The ESC plays a consulting role and assists school districts and charters in preparing the data submission and ensuring data quality and compliance with scheduled deadlines.

The ESC answers questions about the Data Standards; organizes the data submission schedule; answers questions about edit and summary reports; organizes the error correction schedule; monitors the final approval process; and accepts the final submission file of the district's submission which sends the file to TEA. To facilitate the accuracy and timely delivery of the data, the ESC trains districts/charters in the overall data collection requirements and trains them to adequately meet the data submission requirements. The instruction covers overall data flow; delivery schedule; data element definitions; data submission formats; editing requirements; correction cycle; approval of summary reports and error listings; and operation of the web-based TSDS system.


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