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Welcome to Administrative Services at Region 7

The Region 7 Administrative Services Department is committed to assisting school districts in achieving overall functional success by providing technical assistance and services concerning the operation and management of school districts. Our Administrative Services team seeks ways to improve operation and management to further improve student achievement by:
  • Supporting cost-effective school business practices
  • Promoting child nutrition
  • Providing cost and time-efficient trainings for school boards and school personnel
  • Developing innovative service packages that provide greater support to districts through numerous cooperatives
  • Offering legal services
  • Building partnerships to leverage state, federal, local, and private resources and knowledge
  • Targeting resources to improve student achievement
  • Delivering timely and factual resources and information to school administrators and employees
Please feel free to browse our Administrative Services department web pages to learn more about services offered or contact our office for more information. We look forward to serving you!

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