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Field Service Agents

Field Service Agents act as liaisons, ombudsmen, and advocates for local school districts in their relationship to the ESC and the TEA. The agents' primary objective is to provide timely, accurate, and consistent information and assistance between the TEA, ESC, and I.S.D. with the local district superintendent as the contact.



 Provide Region 7 Superintendents with technical assistance in the following areas: 

  • School Finance
  • Superintendent/Board Relations
  • School Safety
  • Student Accountability
  • District Accountability
  • District personnel
  • District Policy and Legal Issues
  • Board Training, Mandated Training

Provide growth opportunities for the Region 7 First-time Superintendents via district visits and mentoring program through competencies including:

  • Value and Ethics of Leadership
  • Leadership and District Culture
  • Policy and Governance
  • Communication and Community Relations
  • Organizational Leadership and Management
  • Curriculum Planning and Management
  • Instructional Leadership and Management
  • Human Resources Leadership and Management



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