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Upcoming Workshops at Region 7 ESC

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Center for Effective Schools Workshops

Build A Better Campus   Leadership Development Training
July 15
The A-F Accountability System assigns grades to campuses and districts. How can we improve? Identify areas, explore actions, envision campus improvements
Multiple Dates
Enhance your leadership with AEL, T-TESS, and Impact Coaching training. Gain skills to drive growth and effective change.
Texas Instructional Leadership: Capacity Building Solutions for Effective Schools
iSpring Course that provides LEAS with a brief overview of what Texas Instructional Leadership is and how to get their campus and district leaders involved in these transformational capacity-building cohorts.

Curriculum Workshops

Texas ASCD Transformative Academies
. TAME 2024-2025 Events
Texas ASCD Transformative Academies
Coming this spring! 
Multiple Dates
TAME envisions a Texas where students realize their full potential, build community in engineering, and create inclusive solutions that reflect and celebrate our diverse world.
Original Math Academy   TEKS New Platform and Planning 2024
Multiple Dates
Revitalize your teaching flair! Mathematics Achievement Academies fuel success with research-backed strategies, empowering educators with resources and dynamic coaching for K-5 accomplishments!
Multiple Dates
Rev up your planning! Dive into the NEW TEKS RS platform, craft your pacing calendar, and streamline instructional delivery.
Get a Head Start on your Math Planning for 24-25
  Strategies for using Social Studies Weekly in Social Studies
Multiple Dates
Gear up for dynamic math planning! Explore four sessions to jumpstart your 2024-2025 school year preparation 
June 24
Get excited to dive into the revamped Studies Weekly Texas publications! Discover original content, interactive lessons, and cross-curricular activities.
Pages of Insight Navigating Literature in Social Studies
New G/T Coordinators Workshop
June 27
Embark on an inspiring journey exploring literature's role in social studies education. Ideal for librarians and classroom teachers.
July 1
Unlock opportunities, join experts in exploring laws, best practices, and designing tailored education programs for gifted students. 
Thinking like a Historian & Geographer G/T 6 hour update
Building Stations with TEKS Resource System
July 2
Now, more than ever, teachers must master historical and geographical thinking to impart crucial social studies knowledge. Join us!
July 9
Gear up to optimize class time! Craft engaging learning sequences with TEKS Resources. Collaborate, create, and elevate student growth together.
Digital Technology & Critical Thinking in Social Studies   8th Grade U Social Studies
July 12
Stay ahead in education! Elevate social studies with digital tools, fostering critical thinking for the modern world. Register for innovative professional development!
Multiple Dates
Join 8th Grade Social Studies U! Collaborate with peers, delve into TEKS, and craft dynamic units. Fast-paced, teacher-centered learning awaits!
Social Studies TEKS Resource System Make & Take
Gifted and Talented Conference Mind Flex Steven Smith, NASA
July 15
Unlock the power of Performance Assessments in TEKS Resource System with a backward design approach. Join this hands-on PD for TEKS RS users at all grades. Collaborate, create exemplars, and elevate your classroom instruction.
July 16
Prepare to ignite creativity. Adapt teaching, win prizes, and revitalize gifted education!
Dallas Holocaust & Human Rights Museum: Teaching the Holocaust   TEKS RS k-12 RLA Planning Cohort
Multiple Dates
Explore museum wings, meet educators, access resources, and design classroom instruction.
Multiple Dates
Join our dynamic training series! Deepen RLA understanding, TEKS RS planning, and instructional delivery alongside regional colleagues.
TEKS RS k-12 RLA Planning Cohort   Fine Arts Festival
July 23-25
Central Heights ISD invites surrounding districts to collaborate and plan units of instruction and share ideas!
July 25
Get ready for an arts extravaganza! Experience a day of boundless creativity, laughter, and learning. Dive into diverse artistic adventures!
Math and AI This is the Way   Secondary Math Cohorts
July 29
Explore the power of AI in math education! Discover engaging, personalized learning experiences for both teachers and students.
Multiple Dates
Join us to enhance teaching practices, collaborate on problem-solving, and improve student learning with research-based strategies.
Extended Constructed Response STAAR Updates
Multiple Dates
Get hyped, educators! Let's conquer STAAR 2.0 and ECR challenges with gusto. Enhance writing skills and energize teaching!

Digital Learning Workshops

Digital Online Courses   Adobe Academy
Google + STEM + DiscoveryEd + More!
Looking for digital learning resources but don't know where to start? We can help with that! Check out our library of on-demand courses.
Multiple Dates
Unlock your creative potential with Adobe Academy's dynamic lineup of 9 classes, catering to all skill levels from novice to expert!

Library Policy Updates HB 900 and more   The Book Doctor
June 18
Don't miss out! Join us for vital legislative updates on libraries, featuring Vanessa Ashcraft from Texas State Library and Archives Commission.
June 24
Join the Book Doctor at Region 7 ESC to gain knowledge on basic and advanced book repair techniques.
Unlocking Student Empowerment with COVA
  Blended Learning Institute for Beginners
June 26
Join our dynamic workshop on COVA learning! Empower students with choice, ownership, and voice in digital education. Unlock engaging strategies now!
July 9
Register now for an interactive workshop on blended learning and discover innovative strategies to enhance teaching!
Book Talks 2 Return of the Books  
AI in the Classroom
July 9
Calling all book enthusiasts! Librarians, ELAR teachers, and lovers of literature, join us to discuss and share great book recommendations.
July 15
Discover the power of AI in education! Navigate concerns, explore strategies, and integrate AI ethically for enhanced student writing and creativity.
Pairing Picture Books & Stem
Discovering Discovery Education
July 15
Explore the fusion of picture books and STEM in our workshop. Ignite young minds with stories and the engineering design process.
July 17
Unleash your teaching potential with Discovery Education: interactive, student-centered, and comprehensive learning experiences await in this dynamic workshop!
Digital Literature Breakouts  
Google Bootcamp for new teachers
July 18
Dive into creativity with Literary Breakouts. Learn to craft digital breakouts featuring classic and contemporary fiction.
July 22
Empower your teaching with Google tools! Dive into Google Suite's full potential, from Classroom to Meet, for engaging, organized classrooms!
Google Classroom Tips & Tricks  
Tech Tools to Jumpstart Your Year
July 31
Unlock Google Classroom's potential: practical tips, time-saving hacks, and innovative strategies for effective online teaching. Join us now!
August 5
Enhance your teaching with technology! Learn practical tools, applications, and strategies to engage students and transform learning. Register now!
Discovering Discovery Education
COVA the Language of Learning
September 6
Join us to discover new classroom tools and resources, including using Discovery Education to enhance student engagement and learning.
September 12
Explore COVA principles for student empowerment and authentic learning experiences, promoting engagement and learner agency in the workshop.
Embracing Student Agency
Unlock the Power of Data for Instruction
September 13
Empower students with choice and ownership in learning to deepen understanding and ignite enthusiasm in our learners.
September 18
Unlock the power of quality data to tailor instruction, offer insights into individualized learning paths, and empower students.
Personalized Instruction Tailoring Education for Every Student
September 18
Embark on a transformative journey into personalized learning, leveraging innovative strategies to create an inclusive, student-centric learning environment.

Federal Programs Workshops

Seven Keys to a Positive Learning Environment in your classroom   Building Trusting Relationships with Students at Risk
June 24
Calling all educators! Elevate your classroom environment! Discover the 7 keys to success and seamlessly integrate interventions for student achievement!
June 25
Discover transformative strategies at Solution Tree's virtual workshop with Don Parker. Unlock the power of relationships to engage and empower at-risk students.
State and Federal Grants Manual presented by TASBO  
Hakuna Matata Classroom Management means no worries
June 25
Stay ahead with the latest State & Federal Grants manual, ensuring compliance and efficiency. Join our virtual session for the updated template and expert guidance!
June 27
Ease classroom stress with effective management strategies. Join our session to learn practical processes for smoother classroom experiences.
Youth Mental Health First Aid  
Trauma Informed Schools
July 9
Youth Mental Health First Aid teaches adults to assist adolescents (12-18) with mental health challenges using a 5-step plan covering various issues.
July 9
Get ready to power up your impact! Explore HB 18's mandate for educator training in grief and trauma. Unleash evidence-based strategies for student success!
EB CON 2024 What's your story?   Kevon Lee
July 10-11
Embrace the power of storytelling in education! Share your journey to inspire students and foster a love for lifelong learning.
July 15
Kevon Lee's mission, "Go Make a Difference (#GoMAD)," chronicles his battle with depression, inspiring change through empowering lectures nationwide.
PAX   Texas Model for Comprehensive School Counseling Programs
July 18
Boost your students' self-regulation skills with our PAX Good Behavior Game Initial training. Gain evidence-based interventions and immediate implementation materials.
July 23
Every student deserves a champion. This session will provide knowledge and insight into best practices for schools and CPS to work together to support the needs of children and youth in foster care.
Empower Your Students Solution Tree
Systems for Federal Funds & Reimbursements
July 15
Join us for a transformative SEL workshop with Lauren Porosoff. Empower your teaching with student-centered values integration.
July 29
Join us for a TASBO session on federal fund compliance, including documenting drawdowns, ESSER closeout, and collaboration opportunities for reimbursements.
CTE Teacher Academy
Methods of Administration
July 30
Step into the CTE Teacher Academy for expert-led sessions, peer collaboration, and innovative strategies to enhance your CTE curriculum!
July 31
Get audit-ready with Region 7 CTE! Dive into the "Methods of Administration" workshop, covering audit questions, preparation, and best practices!
Stephanie Ellison  
CTE Training Tour Around the Region 
August 1
Stephanie Ellison, an elementary school behavior specialist, offers insights with her family's journey from addiction and depression to stability.
Multiple Dates
CTE Tour extravaganza! Gather your team for networking and training on program alignment, special populations, compliance, funding, and CCMR accountability!
Behavior Threat Assessment
Talk Saves Lives
August 8
Power up with SB 11 training! Dive into Behavior Threat Assessment essentials—building teams, enhancing student safety, and boosting campus support!
September 4
Talk Saves Lives educates on suicide prevention, risk factors, warning signs, and best practices, meeting TEA’s Best Practices List.
Paraprofessional Institute
Moving to Title I Part A School Wide Satus for 25-26
Multiple Dates
Join for a 2-day training covering paraprofessional roles, reading, writing, math, and ESSA requirements fulfillment.
September 10
Dreaming of a Title I, Part A schoolwide campus? Attend our meeting to learn requirements and plan your program.
Level 1 CTE Program Management
Youth Mental Health First Aid
September 10
CTE directors, coordinators, counselors, and teachers: Join our training for new insights and refreshers on CTE program management.
Multiple Dates
Enroll in Youth Mental Health First Aid to learn how to help adolescents facing mental health challenges or crises.
CTE SSA Kickoff
CTE Contracted Services Kickoff Event
September 12
Contracted CTE-SSA administrators will meet to discuss SSA services, CTE catalogs, and professional development opportunities.
September 12
Register for the workshop tailored to contracted CTE schools. Gain insights on services, professional development, and TEA updates.
Capturing Kids' Hearts
Educator Wellness & Trauma Informed Care TOT
Multiple Dates
Join one of three 2-day sessions from 8 AM to 4 PM to learn how to build meaningful relationships and create high-achieving learning environments.
Multiple Dates
Join our TEA-approved workshop focusing on trauma-informed classrooms to enhance the learning environment for all students.
101 Counseling Guidelines and Tips for a New Counselor
Level II CTE Program Management
September 26
New or less experienced school counselors, join us for a day of learning, networking, and planning for your role in CSCP.
October 17
Experienced CTE professionals join us to cover CTE management, legislative updates, funding, certifications, budgeting, and best practices.
National Organization for Victim Assistance
All Things FAFSA
Multiple Dates
Join us for the National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA) training to learn crisis intervention and help schools recover from crisis situations. Attend all three days for credit!
November 7
Join us for a virtual workshop on FAFSA. Learn ideal procedures, unusual circumstances, and dependency override eligibility.

Special Education Workshops

Behavior Basics Special Education   Paraprofessional Symposium
June 24-27
Dive into the world of behavior analysis with our RBT® certification workshops! Master techniques to empower students with autism.
July 24
Ignite paraprofessionals' impact in Texas schools! Annual symposium empowers with crucial training on diverse learning needs, behavior strategies, and instructional support.
PBIS Cohort  
Mastering the MDR: Understanding the Manifestation Determination Process
Multiple Dates
Enhance student behavioral outcomes with evidence-based PBIS strategies. Ideal for campus and district administrators. Join the cohort for collaborative learning.
Multiple Dates
Unlock the MDR! Delve deep into understanding the Manifestation Determination Process for comprehensive mastery.
PBIS TIER 1 Classroom Management
Multiple Dates
Learn Texas PBIS guidelines and techniques to better manage classrooms and improve student outcomes!
Sept 10
/ Jan 22 / July 30

Child Nutrition Workshops

Child Nutrition Summer Workshop    
July 30 - August 1
Get ready to uncover the latest treasures from TDA and USDA to keep ye Child Nutrition ship sailing smoothly through state and federal waters.