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Upcoming Workshops at Region 7 ESC

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Center for Effective Schools Workshops

Texas Instructional Leadership: Capacity Building Solutions for Effective Schools
Designing Strategic Master Schedules Workshops for Elementary and Secondary
iSpring Course that provides LEAS with a brief overview of what Texas Instructional Leadership is and how to get their campus and district leaders involved in these transformational capacity-building cohorts.
Multiple Dates
Tap into the power of the master schedule for accelerated learning! Tackle challenges from disrupted learning with a new approach. Get practical advice for strategic scheduling to embed best practices effectively. Empower school leaders to work smarter, not harder.
DTC 411
More than a Mentor, More than Retention!
April 1
Join us as we network and find out more about the resources District Testing Coordinators can access. We will discuss these resources and how they can make your work more effective. Be ready to learn, talk, and share.
April 17
Maximize student success through year-round best practices! Learn to recruit, induct, and retain top educators. Explore impactful strategies for new and certified teachers. Build a tailored mentor program using TEA's Effective Schools Framework.

Child Nutrition Workshops

writing Updating & revising a HACCP-Based food Safety Plan for Schools   Financial Coding NSLP
Multiple Dates
Safeguard children's food in school nutrition! Develop a HACCP-based safety plan tailored to your school's specific needs. Join our practical workshop for hands-on strategies and resources.
March 5
This session covers understanding financial account codes and their link to compliance, including budgeting, forecasting, coding, and utilizing accounting information for program compliance and reporting.t.
Financial Management: A Course for SNP Directors  
April 3 & 4
Empower school nutrition program directors with financial expertise! Dive into solid principles, make sustainable decisions, and meet increasing demands for accountability. Elevate your programs with informed financial management

Curriculum Workshops

Texas ASCD Transformative Academies
  Take a Deep Dive into Math Student Expectations
Texas ASCD Transformative Academies
Coming this spring! 
Multiple Dates
Seeking fresh strategies for teaching math student expectations? Dive deep into a series exploring readiness standards, enhancing mastery through concrete, pictorial, and abstract (CPA) activities.
TAME 2024-2025 Events   Original Math Academy
Multiple Dates
TAME envisions a Texas where students realize their full potential, build community in engineering, and create inclusive solutions that reflect and celebrate our diverse world.
Multiple Dates
Revitalize your teaching flair! Mathematics Achievement Academies fuel success with research-backed strategies, empowering educators with resources and dynamic coaching for K-5 accomplishments!
Sound Solutions   Citizen Bee Compeition
March 22
Join us for a collaborative workshop where music teachers from Region 7 share knowledge, problem-solve, and discuss innovative approaches and favorite units, aimed at building capacity in the fine arts community.
April 3
Ignite civic passion! High schoolers, grades 9-12, dive into a thrilling regional competition. Win prizes, and secure a chance for Austin's state contest! Open to all Region 7 districts and charters.
Junior Citizen Bee
  Planning with a Purpose in Social Studies
April 4
Fuel civic knowledge! Middle schoolers, grades 6-8, engage in a spirited regional competition. Explore diverse topics, aligning with the 8th-grade STAAR test. Open to all Region 7 districts and charters.
April 11
Supercharge your planning! Join Planning with Purpose for a dynamic, teacher-centered, year-long opportunity. Collaborate and craft impactful units together!
Illuminate Curriculum Conference
Extended Constructed Response STAAR Updates
June 20-21
Get ready to elevate your teaching game! Illuminate brings together educators to ignite innovation and collaboration. Don't miss out!
Multiple Dates
Get hyped, educators! Let's conquer STAAR 2.0 and ECR challenges with gusto. Enhance writing skills and energize teaching!

Digital Learning Workshops

Digital Online Courses   Leaping into the STAAR/EOC
Google + STEM + DiscoveryEd + More!
Looking for digital learning resources but don't know where to start? We can help with that! Check out our library of on-demand courses.
February 29
Power up your teaching! Master Cambium platform resources and digital tools to ease the cognitive load, ensuring students excel on test days.
Unleashing the Power of ChatGPT  
Digital Techniques in Secondary Classrooms
March 5
Ignite your classroom with ChatGPT's potential! Elevate student engagement, critical thinking, and personalized learning. Join interactive sessions to explore practical strategies and use cases. 
April 2
Elevate your teaching game with dynamic digital techniques! Dive into innovative strategies tailored for secondary educators. Energize small group learning! 
Digital Techniques in the Elementary Classroom
Digital Learning PLC
April 3
Revitalize your teaching approach with vibrant digital methods! Explore inventive strategies, tools, and resources for elementary classrooms. Ignite small group learning!
April 11
For our final Digital Learning PLC of the year, we'll celebrate the '23-'24 school year. Take a moment to breathe before testing starts and the end of the year hits.

Federal Programs Workshops

National Organization for Victim Assistance  
Paraprofessional Institute
Multiple Dates
NOVA training readies you for Crisis Recovery Teams—master crisis intervention, trauma impacts, and leadership in this dynamic three-day workshop!
February 27-28
Boost your skills in a dynamic 2-day training! Dive into paraprofessional essentials—reading, writing, math strategies. Prove your proficiency with assessments. Energize your education journey!
Empowering EB Families   Level II CTE Program Management
February 28
Spark the power of bilingualism! Elevate your understanding of its profound impact on education, society, economy, and culture.
February 28
Level up your CTE leadership skills! Dive into crucial updates, funding insights, and best practices for program development. 
CLNA for Perkins V Are You Ready?
Substance Use in Youth
February 29
Get ready to turbocharge your Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment (CLNA)! Join our workshop to enhance your CTE programs for student and community success.
March 6
Get ready to dive into a high-energy workshop! Uncover insights on teen substance abuse, warning signs, and expert tips for support.
Texas Model for Comprehensive School Counseling Programs   Capturing Kids' Hearts
March 7
Every student deserves a champion. This session will provide knowledge and insight into best practices for schools and CPS to work together to support the needs of children and youth in foster care
March 21-22
Get ready to ignite student success! Dive into 'Capturing Kids' Hearts' to build strong bonds, foster teamwork, and enhance learning environments.
Ethics and the School Counselor   CTE SSA MEETING
April 4
Dive into the dynamic world of school counseling! Tackle daily ethical challenges, empower diverse students, and uphold TEA's Code of Ethics with gusto!
April 4
Get pumped, stakeholders! Dive into the latest Perkins funding updates. Share feedback to shape future offerings. Let's collaborate!
Private Nonprofit General Information Meeting
Financial Management: A Course for SNP Directors
April 9
Unlock the potential of ESSA equitable services! LEAs and private schools, dive into consultation details, responsibilities, and eligibility. Optimize efficiency in informative workshops with multiple officials.
April 9
Feeling overwhelmed with Title I, Part A PFE requirements? Don't stress! Join us to plan a seamless evaluation, engage stakeholders, and ace your Spring Title I Meeting. Ease the burden now! 
Safer Schools Together   Trauma in Children: Creating Trauma-Informed Schools
Multiple Dates
Ignite safety vigilance! Join this dynamic Zoom workshop—stay current on safety trends, embrace best practices, and strengthen campus security.
April 15
Join us for an upbeat session! Learn about trauma, stats, and its impact on kids. Explore brain science, self-control, and practical tips for trauma-sensitive schools!
Federal Directors meeting   Building Your Mental Health Toolkit
April 25
Prepare for a dynamic session, FP Directors! Explore updates, foster connections, and enrich district programs with valuable insights and strategies.
June 5
Gain the tools and insights needed to better support students navigating the challenges of grief. 
Youth Mental Health First Aid
Building Health Kit - Suicide Awareness
June 5
Youth Mental Health First Aid teaches adults to assist adolescents (12-18) with mental health challenges using a 5-step plan covering various issues.
June 6
HB 2186 mandates suicide prevention training for educators in Texas. AS+K? Gatekeeper Suicide Prevention Training meets the mandates set forth in legislation and teaches valuable strategies for helping those who may be in need of help when experiencing suicidal ideation.
Building Resiliency Using Restorative Practices   Hot Topics in Mental Health
June 7
Fuel resilience with restorative practices! Empower students with conflict resolution skills. Plus, get a free classroom resource workbook!
June 10
 Increase your understanding! Dive into mental health topics—anxiety, depression, trauma, and more. Master neurobiology, self-regulation, and vital support strategies! 
Psychological First Aid
June 12
PFA provides initial disaster response intervention by mental health professionals and first responders, focusing on safety, stabilization, and resource connection without on-site therapy.
June 17
Join our virtual PAX Good Behavior Game Initial training to learn evidence-based strategies for supporting student behavior and learning, with immediate implementation materials provided.
Trauma Informed Schools   Behavior Threat Assessment
July 9
Get ready to power up your impact! Explore HB 18's mandate for educator training in grief and trauma. Unleash evidence-based strategies for student success!
August 8
Power up with SB 11 training! Dive into Behavior Threat Assessment essentials—building teams, enhancing student safety, and boosting campus support!
CPS Consortium Meeting
October 10
Every student deserves a champion. This session will provide knowledge and insight into best practices for schools and CPS to work together to support the needs of children and youth in foster care.

Special Education Workshops

STEAM Powered Literature: Fairy Tales, Folk Tales & More   Section 504 Spring Legal Update
February 26
Fuel your teaching with STEAM Education! Elevate critical thinking, creativity, and teamwork, integrating literature to captivate ALL learners.
February 29
Get ready for an enlightening session! Amy Foster, a powerhouse from Eichelbaum Wardell, unveils Section 504 insights, covering best practices and recent developments in disability rights.
Expedition 18+    
March 26
Embark on an electrifying adventure at our cutting-edge workshop for LEAs in Region 7! An exhilarating exploration of Adult Transition Services. Join us to uncover top-tier strategies, network with fellow pioneers, and access TEA's invaluable resources!