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School Safety

School Safety

Having safe schools is one of our region's highest priorities. We recognize that without a safe and orderly academic environment, teachers and students cannot thrive.

Region 7 Districts have the opportunity to join the School Safety Co-op which includes:

  • Provide professional development opportunities through face-to-face, webinars, and online courses to school safety and security. Training includes but is not limited to the following:                                                                         o Emergency Management                                                                                                                                         o Behavioral Threat Assessment                                                                                                                               o Dating Violence                                                                                                                                                       o Standard Response Protocol-Standard Reunification Method                                                                               o Legislative updates
  • Provide training to the mandatory safety and security committee(s).
  • Provide on-site guidance through the security/safety audit process
  • Provide technical assistance to the Safe and Supportive School Program Team/Behavior Threat Assessment Teams documentation.
  • Provide technical assistance in reviewing and updating the Emergency Operation Plans before submission to the Texas School Safety Center.
  • Provide an online safety survey.
  • Provide on-site active attacker response training upon request.
  • Provide unlimited support during a crisis or emergency.
To register for trainings click here: Region 7 Workshop Page

AED/CPR Training

Who needs to be certified?
How often do districts need to make instruction available?

Cardiac arrest procedure requirements for districts:

TEC 38.018

CKD Legal

Student AED/CPR training requirements:

EHAC Legal

Bully Prevention

Staff development bully-prevention-related training requirements:

TEC 21.451

Bully transfer policy:

TEC 25.0342

FDB Legal

Bully definition and policy:

TEC 37.0832

FFI Legal

TxSSC program development requirements:

TEC 37.218

FFF Legal

Options to provide for students as related to bully prevention and intervention:

TEC 37.001(a)-(b-1),(e)

FO Legal

Options to provide for Counseling options for students involved in bullying:

TEC 37.0832

FFEA Legal

Conflict Resolution

Dating Violence

District improvement plan requirements:

BQ Legal

TEC 37.0831TEC 38.0041, TEC 42.072

Extracurricular Activity Safety Training

Those who must complete an extracurricular activity safety training program: 

TEC 33.202(b),(e),(f)    TAC 76.1003

Multi-Hazard Emergency Operations Plan

Multi-hazard emergency operation plan requirements and details:

CKC Legal

The school safety and security committee responsibilities: 

CK Legal

TEC 37.108,    TEC 37.207

Safety and Security Committee

The safety and security committee's role in the emergency operations plan:

CKC Legal

The safety and security committee's members and requirements:

CK Legal

Storage of bleeding control stations and AEDs:

CKD Legal

TEC 37.108(f)(8)    TEC 37.109

Traumatic Bleeding Protocol

Protocol requirements and details:

CKD Legal

TEC 38.030

Safe & Supportive Schools and Threat Assessment Team

Threat assessment and safe & supportive school team requirements, responsibilities, and policies & procedures:

FFB Legal

TEC 37.115  TEC 37.220

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