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The Digital Learning Department is responsible for providing educators with the latest technology tools and technology training to make a positive impact on student performance and expand opportunities for all students, helping teachers move towards the Distinguished end of the domains on T-TESS.
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If you need to schedule one or more of our trainers to come to your district, please call Elizabeth Walker at 903-988-6924 or BJ Wood at 903-988-6950.
Basic membership includes:
  • Provides In-District training at no additional cost.
  • Access for all district personnel to Digital Learning sessions offered face-to-face at Region 7 ESC, online, or via webinar for no additional charge.
  • Provides unlimited access to Video Conferencing, including:
    • Distance Learning Connections for ESC Workshops
    • Distance Learning connections for Regional meetings, such as Curriculum Directors, Special Ed Directors, Federal Program Directors, and Technology Directors
    • Connections to Dual-Credit college classes
    • Statewide and Regional student events and virtual field trips
    • Digital Learning Virtual workshops
  • Unlimited technical assistance for all district staff.
  • Attendance at Fall Innovative Teaching & Technology (FITT) conference for all district personnel at no additional charge.
Additional services available include:
  • Certified Librarian of Record
  • Library and Digital Media Services
  • Discovery Education Experience
  • BrainPOP Combo: BrainPOP, BrainPOP Jr, BrainPOP Español, BrainPOP Français and BrainPOP ELL 
  • Internet Safety for Students
  • Individual Zoom Accounts

Not sure if your district is a member?  Log in to your workshop account - your cooperative memberships can be found on your dashboard!

Contact Us

Elizabeth Walker, M.Ed.
Digital Learning Director
[email protected]
Benjamin Wood, M.Ed.
Digital Learning Coordinator
[email protected]
Michelle Cooper, M.Ed.
Digital Learning Specialist
[email protected]
Holly Curry, M.Ed.
Digital Learning Specialist
[email protected]
Carl Mohn, M.Ed.
Digital Learning Specialist
[email protected]
Michael Pettiette, M.Ed.
Digital Learning Specialist
Leslie Hemphill
Digital Learning Support
[email protected]