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Video Conferencing

Region 7 ESC offers a wide range of distance learning events for districts and charters. These events fall into 5 categories:
  1. Webinars - Professional development offered LIVE via video conferencing. Region 7 uses Zoom as its video conferencing software.
  2. Hybrid Sessions - Professional development sessions provided at Region 7 that allow participants to connect via Video Conferencing
  3. TETNs - TEA training/meetings provided through Texas Education Telecommunications Network (TETN)
  4. Virtual field trips available through numerous content providers
  5. Dual credit classes provided through local colleges and universities
All Region 7 districts and charters may connect to any virtual events for no additional fee!
For a calendar of events, instructions on connecting to each type of event, and a complete list of forms, visit the tabs below.
The calendar below lists the Video Conferencing events available through Region 7, including Hybrid sessions, virtual field trips, and TETNs. Dual credit opportunities are arranged directly through the college or university. This calendar will be updated as events are scheduled or deleted.
There are 2 types of events listed on the calendar (as indicated by the following word in all caps at the beginning of the calendar entry):
STUDENT: Virtual field trips and other programming designated for a student audience. All of the student events listed are available for no charge to Video Conferencing and ESC7net members. Visit the Virtual Field Trips tab for more information. Please note that our content provider, Connect2Texas, does provide additional events beyond what we have on the calendar; however, there is an additional registration fee required for any events not posted to our calendar.
TETN: These are sessions with content provided by TEA or other state agency that have been made available to districts. Visit the TETNs tab for more information.
Virtual Field Trips are provided through a variety of service providers. Instructions for connecting to each provider are listed below.
  1. Create an account at the Connect2Texas website.
  2. Sign up for an event using your account information at the Connect2Texas website. Select "Region 7 - Kilgore" and "Connect thru my ESC" in the Connection Information section of the registration form.
  3. Connect2Texas will contact Region 7 to set up the connection for your district. This information will be communicated to the person completing the registration form.
Please note: We recommend scheduling virtual field trips for groups of 30-40 students to facilitate participation in the interactive portions of the virtual field trip. Multiple classrooms/schools may connect to an event at one time. If you would like to be the only classroom/school participating in an event, contact the content provider. For sessions provided by the Bullock Texas State History Museum, email [email protected]
Only free events through Connect2Texas are listed on the Video Conferencing Calendar. There are additional events listed on the Connect2Texas website that are available for a fee. The district is responsible for any registration fees associated with signing up for one of these virtual field trips.
TEA meetings/trainings provided through TETN that are available to districts are listed on the Video Conferencing calendar.
To participate in one of these events, use the registration instructions provided on the calendar entry.

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