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Library & Digital Media Services

The Region 7 Digital Learning department is proud to have 2 certified librarians on staff to help districts with all of their library needs. Michelle Cooper and Michael Pettiette are adept at taking your library to the next level and turning it into a hub for creativity and learning!
There are two types of library services available to districts.
Service: Library and Digital Media Services
  • Membership includes all district librarians and library staff.
  • Includes attendance at the FITT Conference for all district librarians and library staff.
  • Provides access to regional meetings for all district librarians and library staff.
  • Provides access to specialized professional development offered face-to-face at Region 7 ESC, online, or via webinar.

Service: Certified Librarian of Record
  • Includes all benefits listed under Library and Digital Media Services
  • Service may be purchased for any number of campuses that do not have a certified librarian on staff.
  • ESC Librarian will serve as Certified Librarian of Record for selected campuses that do not meet this requirement.
  • ESC Librarian will assist with:
    • Ordering books and supplies
    • Updating automation system/MARC
    • Facilitating the use of library database programs
    • Facilitating reading programs (AR, Reading Counts, etc.)
    • Supporting Maker Space ideas
    • Supporting current library staff
    • Supporting campus/district Digital Learning initiatives
If you have any questions regarding these services, contact Michelle at the email or phone number provided below.
Thanks to restored funding from the 83rd State Legislature, the Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) has re-established a statewide participation fee-based database program for K-12 public schools and open enrollment charter schools. 

Region 7 supports all ESC 7 TexQuest subscribers! Training sessions are open to all classroom teachers, admin, library staff and other school personnel in our region at no cost.

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Digital Learning Specialist
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Michael Pettiette, M.Ed.
Digital Learning Specialist
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