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Legal Services

This service is designed to assist school leaders in making good legal decisions. Member districts will receive two (2) one-day, six (6) hour on-site training sessions on legal law matters upon topics as requested. In addition, on-site training on alternative dates are to be held off-site at a host district in the southern and/or eastern portion of the Region (such as Shelby, Sabine, San Augustine, Angelina, Rains, Van Zandt, Henderson, or Anderson counties). For a complete listing of all the services provided to member districts through this cooperative please contact the ESC. Member districts also receive 6 hours of free legal consultation by phone as well as free or discounted rates on annual legal seminars and training. 
The above services are provided through the Region 7 Education Service Center Legal Co-op with the help of Kelli Karczewski and the Fisher Firm.

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