June 2024 Monthly Reminders

Monthly Reminders

Accountability & Assessment

For more information: Crissy Haynie, (903) 988-6762
  • Review preview Class of 2023 CCMR Verifier report (May/June)
  • Review final graduation rate data
  • STAAR reporting windows open 
  • STAAR EOC testing window open
  • Final accountability manual available
  • 2024 Campus 3-12 Enrollment List now available for 2024 Accountability

Administration and Leadership

For more information: Jim Moore, (903) 988-6834
  • Review TEA Superintendent Resources & Guidelines
  • Annual report to Commissioner on expulsions and AEP placements
  • TEA submission: Gun-free schools report
  • Review policy on benefits & holidays for non-contract staff
  • Teacher/Staff Service Records annual update
  • *Hire staff in accordance with district policy & procedure (as needed)
  • Update AskTED

Career & Technical Education

For more information: Kimberly Harris, (903) 988-6771
  • Complete Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment (CLNA)
  • Complete and submit Perkins Grant Applicant Designation and Certificate (ADC)
  • Career Prep/Practicum Record Retention
  • Review Program of Study alignment with POS 2024-2025 Refresh
  • Review final FTE report for estimated funding
  • Close Federal (Perkins) expenditures
  • Close Local/State expenditures
  • Input Industry-Based Certifications into PEIMS 
  • Collect and review information needed for Summer PEIMS submission  
  • Monitor preliminary CCMR data
  • Check Graduation Codes for Students Graduating Workforce Ready
  • Schedule PD with ESC CTE Staff
  • Check the District Website for Non-Discrimination Statement

Charter Specific

For more information: Jim Moore, (903) 988-6834
  • Utilize the All-In-One-Form to update AskTED

Federal and State Programs

For more information: Viki Sparks, (903) 988-6840
  • Post “Intent to Apply” and allow public comment for all federally funded grants
  • 2024-2025 ESSA Consolidated Application due by end of month if district has 12-month grant-funded employees
  • ISDs finalize private school proportionate share for ESSA application submission if private schools participate in services
  • Ongoing data collection for compliance reports
  • 2023-2024 ESSA Consolidated Grant Application amendment deadline June 3rd
  • Review/implement district/campus improvement plans in accordance with district planning process (TEC§11.251) (ESSA§1112, 1114)
  • Prepare a summary of 2024-2025 federal program estimated allocations and intended uses; follow public comment procedures for eliciting public comment
  • Ensure the 2024-2025 Supplement, Not Supplant Methodology, or Statement of Exemption (if applicable) is completed and signed by the Superintendent before the 24-25 budget is adopted by the Board
  • If the district plans to self-certify a higher micro-purchase threshold, annually, the LEA will need to:
    • Determine if it still meets eligibility
    • Determine which threshold fits their needs
    • Create a written self-certification with justification
    • Present to board for approval
    • Submit ‘Self-Certification of Micro-Purchase Threshold’ form for 2024-2025 in the EDGAR Connect application in SmartSheet
    • Update policies and procedures in the APM


For more information: Dr. Michael Davis, (903) 988-6724
  • Budget Adoption for July 1st FY
    • Publish notice of public meeting to discuss budget and proposed tax rate (publish at least 10 days before meeting)
    • Post 72-hour notice of meeting to discuss budget and proposed tax rate
    • *Hold meeting to discuss budget and proposed tax rate
    • Post 72-hour notice of meeting to discuss budget and proposed tax rate
    • *Hold meeting to adopt budget and proposed tax rate
    • *Final amendment to current year budget must be done prior to close and must be approved by the Board (June 30th FY)
    • *Resolution or action item to Commit Fund Balance must be done prior to the close of the fiscal year and must be approved by the Board - Amount may be determined after year end
    • Post proposed adopted tax rate that will raise more taxes for maintenance and operations than last year’s tax rate if applicable
    • Post on school website a summary of the proposed budget and a link a link to the budget adopted by the Board of Trustees for the previous 3 years
    • Calculate state aid earned using end-of-year student data - Review student attendance figures as compared to prior year & budget projections
    • TEA tax information survey
    • Prepare for annual financial audit
  • Run district estimate of state aid for next school year with preliminary tax roll figures
  • Transportation Route Service Report due July 1st
  • Update all fiscal manuals: Activity Funds, Fiscal, Federal Grants, etc.
  • Check Depository Contract status June 15th
  • Book revenue due to or due from state based on SOF Template run using final ADA
  • TEA sends email notification to applicable home districts to submit reimbursement documentation to [email protected]
  • Chapter 49 districts - The fifth payment for 2022-2023 is due from a Chapter 49 district to the state (Option 3) and/or to the partner district(s) (Option 4) if your district chose the option to make seven equal payments

Food and Nutrition

For more information: Lana Anderson, (903) 988-6770 or Dameon Eaton, (903) 988-6833
  • Child Nutrition Program Application Agreement renewal
  • Community Eligibility Program (CEP) for the Food and Nutrition Program Application deadline is June 30th

Perkins V Grant

For more information: Kimberly Harris, (903) 988-6771
  • Perkins ADC opens May 6, 2024
  • Perkins Application Grant opens June 12, 2024 (CLNA must be complete to access)
  • Perkins V Application Process  Workshop - June 20, 2024
  • CLNA must be submitted and approved before the Perkins ADC or Perkins Grant is  accessible

School Board

For more information: Dr. Drew Howard, (903) 988-6921
  • Review preliminary staff compensation package
  • Budget workshops for new FY
  • *Recommend student insurance carrier
  • *Review student and staff handbooks
  • *Review and amend Student Code of Conduct
  • *Adopt budget/public hearing for July 1st FY
  • *Approve waivers as needed
  • Notify ESC Field Service Agents of newly appointed/elected Board Members and review training requirements/timelines

School Health

For more information: Viki Sparks, (903) 988-6840
  • Diabetes risk assessment report due June 7th
  • Hearing/Vision/Spinal status reports due June 30th
  • Physical Fitness Assessment results to TEA through FitnessGram or Physical Fitness Assessment Initiative (PFAI) application due in June
  • Vision, Hearing, and Spinal Screening Results due to the Texas Department of State Health Services

School Safety

For more information: Joey King, (903) 988-6792
  • Safety & Security Committee meets once during each academic semester & once during the summer (TEC§37.109)
  • Safe and Supportive School Program (SSSP) Threat Assessment baseline data submitted to TEA through Qualtrics
    • Survey opens June 1st, and is due to TEA by June 30th

Special Education

For more information: Beverly Beran, (903) 988-6910
  • FY23 MOE (Maintenance of Effort) Final Compliance Review released by TEA
  • 2023-2024 Special Education Consolidated Grant Application (Federal) amendment deadline early June
  • 2024-2025 Special Education Consolidated Grant Application (Federal) opens in May or June
  • 2023-2024 Nonpublic Placement Notification & Application closes early June for Nonpublic Day School placements by LEAs
  • RDSPD revised contracted must be submitted to TEA by June 1st
  • 2023-2024 SC5100 Coordinated Early Intervening Services (CEIS) Data Collection Form (applicable to certain LEAs) due to TEA June 2nd
  • EOY payment request email sent to applicable LEAs mid-June regarding IDEA-B Discretionary Residential Reimbursement for expenditures for eligible students from 8/1/22, or the contract start date, whichever is later, through 6/30/23 (if the LEA had submitted a mid-year request, the amount of the EOY request cannot exceed the remaining amount of the award after subtracting the mid-year payment already received)
  • Monitor special education expenditures from the general fund to ensure on track for MOE (Maintenance of Effort) compliance

Texas Student Data System (TSDS) / PEIMS

For more information: Teresa Richard, (903) 988-6752
  • Summer PEIMS due to Region 7 on June 13th
  • Request to retire Unique IDs due at TEA for Summer PEIMS on June 14th
  • Summer PEIMS due to TEA on June 20th
  • ECDS PK submission due to Region 7 June 20th
  • ECDS PK submission due to TEA June 27th
  • Special Education Language Acquisition (SELA) due to Region 7 on June 20th
  • Special Education Language Acquisition (SELA) due to TEA on June 27th


For more information: Jim Moore, (903) 988-6834
  • Transportation Route Service Report due July 1st

* Requires Board Action / Approval