February 2024 Monthly Reminders

Monthly Reminders

Accountability & Assessment

For more information: Crissy Haynie, (903) 988-6762
  • Notification to parents of eligibility for Public Education Grants by February 1 (delayed due to litigation) (TEC§29.204(b))
  • Ensure Federal Report Card and School Report Card (delayed) have been released and distributed
  • Hold Public Hearing of district's annual report (TAPR) within 90 calendar days of receiving the PDF TAPR
  • TELPAS window opens
  • STAAR Stand-Alone Field Test window opens

Administration and Leadership

For more information: Jim Moore, (903) 988-6834
  • Review TEA Superintendent Resources & Guidelines
  • Develop district goals
  • Develop next year's school calendar
  • Review Valedictorian & Salutatorian selection process and class rank process
  • *Hire staff in accordance with district policy & procedure (as needed)
  • Update AskTED

Career & Technical Education

For more information: Mark Parkerson, (903) 988-6864
  • National Career and Technical Education Month-Celebrate CTE
  • Complete Advisory Committee and review goals in Perkins and Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment (CLNA), CLNA DUE this Spring
  • Review Programs of Study and Student four-year plans for accountability,
  • Conduct Interest Inventories for 7th and 8th graders, Begin pre-registration activities for JH/MS students-Tour of CTE facilities
  • Review budget expenditures to date, Begin budget process for following school year in accordance with district planning process
  • Review Career Prep/Practicum Training Plans
  • Review and compare 4th 6 weeks Principals and Superintendents FTE report to in-house report

Charter Specific

For more information: Jim Moore, (903) 988-6834
  • Expansion Amendments close March 1
  • Utilize the All-In-One-Form to update AskTED

Federal and State Programs

For more information: Viki Sparks, (903) 988-6840
  • Begin budget calendar and budget process for 2024-2025
  • Review/implement district/campus improvement plans in accordance with district planning process (TEC§11.251) (ESSA§1112, 1114)
  • Ongoing consultations with PNPs participating in federal program equitable services (ISDs only)


For more information: Dr. Michael Davis, (903) 988-6724
  • *Begin bid for depository contract (due June 15)/check status for extension (ISD only)
  • Calculate State Aid using end of fourth six weeks' student data
  • Establish scope and details of financial audit
  • Calculate enrollment projections
  • Review student attendance figures as compared to prior year and budget projections
  • Review Comptroller's Preliminary CPTD Values - Start appeal/protest if necessary (most delinquent tax firms will advise if protest is beneficial). Check deadline for school districts to file petitions protesting the preliminary findings
  • Update SOF Template w/ current ADA and Preliminary 2022 CPTD Values (T Values) – compare results to original revenue projections and make budget adjustments as needed
  • Begin budget calendar and budget process
  • Debt Transparency Reporting posted on website or submitted by Comptroller for August 31st FYE districts - February 27
  • Bonded Debt Payments-from I & S Fund
  • Eminent Domain Reporting: Public & private entities authorized by the State under a general/special law to exercise the power of eminent domain must use the Comptroller's reporting form to submit an updated report to the Comptroller's office by February 1 of each year
  • Chapter 49 districts – February 15 - For districts selecting the monthly payment option, first recapture payment

Food and Nutrition

For more information: Lana Anderson, (903) 988-6770 or Valencia Watson, (903) 988-6782
  • On-site monitoring form due 2/1
  • FSMC renewal documents due to TDA 2/1
  • Plan School Breakfast Week campaign
  • Promote Farm Fresh Challenge
  • Annual survey, Farm to School survey, and processing survey open in WBSCM
  • 2024 Annual NSLP Financial Report (FY2022-2023 Data) opened January 1, 2024, and is due by March 31, 2024. 

School Board

For more information: Dr. Drew Howard, (903) 988-6921
  • *Call Trustee election for May
  • Review and update Superintendent evaluation instrument & procedures, as needed
  • *Administrator contracts
  • Review schedule for Texas Public Schools Week
  • *Approve school calendar
  • Schedule Trustee candidate workshop (optional)
  • *Approve waivers as needed
  • Notify ESC Field Service Agents of newly appointed/elected Board Members and review training requirements/timelines

Special Education

For more information: Beverly Beran, (903) 988-6910
  • Begin budget process for 2024-2025
  • Mid-Year Payment Request email sent to applicable LEAs early February regarding IDEA-B Discretionary Residential Reimbursement (Optional fund source) for expenditures for eligible students from 8/1/23, or the contract start date, whichever is later, through 1/31/24
  • Monitor special education expenditures from the general fund to ensure on track for MOE (Maintenance of Effort) compliance

Texas Student Data System (TSDS) / PEIMS

For more information: Teresa Richard, (903) 988-6752
  • PEIMS Mid-Year Resubmission due to Region February 7 1st
  • PEIMS Mid-Year Resubmission due to TEA February 8
  • SPPI-14 submission due to Region February 7 8th
  • ECDS Kindergarten data available to customers on February 8
  • SPPI-14 submission due to TEA February 15
  • PEIMS Fall data available to customers on February 15
  • Class Roster Winter ready for users to complete on February 23
  • Class Roster Winter snapshot date February 23 (last Friday of February)
  • PEIMS Summer submission ready for users to promote data on February 26
  • PEIMS Mid-Year data available to customers on February 29
  • SPPI-14 data available to customers on February 29

* Requires Board Action / Approval