December 2023 Monthly Reminders

Monthly Reminders

Accountability & Assessment

For more information: Crissy Haynie, (903) 988-6762
  • STAAR EOC window opens
  • Preliminary Accelerated Student Listing released in TEAL
  • View What If reports and 2023 data tables and share when appropriate

Administration and Leadership

For more information: Jim Moore, (903) 988-6834
  • Review TEA Superintendent Resources & Guidelines
  • Evaluate State Compensatory Education (TEC§29.081(B-3))
  • UIL dues deadline January 1st Annually to State UIL Office (CCR D10)
  • Review DFBB (LEGAL & LOCAL) for non-renewals
  • Implement Winter Break Maintenance and Security Protocols, including IT
  • Superintendent completes Independent UT 3rd Party Survey
  • *Hire staff in accordance with district policy & procedure (as needed)
  • Update AskTED

Career & Technical Education

For more information: Mark Parkerson, (903) 988-6864

Charter Specific

For more information: Jim Moore, (903) 988-6834
  • Charter holder must file an audit report disclosing all management company loans
  • Governance Report due to TEA December 1st
  • Expansion Amendments open January 1st
  • Utilize the All-In-One-Form to update AskTED

Federal and State Programs

For more information: Viki Sparks, (903) 988-6840
  • Review/implement district/campus improvement plans in accordance with district planning process (TEC§11.251) (ESSA§1112, 1114)
  • Prepare for Revised Final Expenditure Report Submission, 2022-2023 ESSA Consolidated Application, due January 2nd
  • LEAs that reported 2022-2023 TIVA Program Objectives and Measurable Outcomes will need to report initial progress toward meeting those objectives and outcomes. Reporting window is October 1st – December 1st. If 2022-2023 TIVA funds were not carried into 2023-2024, the initial report will be considered the final report. Reporting occurs through the Smartsheets App


For more information: Dr. Michael Davis, (903) 988-6724
  • *Approve Independent Audit Report, September 1st FY
  • Review, update, and submit Attendance Projections in TEAL
  • Publish Schedule C-3 from independent audit in local newspaper
  • Debt Transparency Reporting (June 30th FY) December 27th
  • Develop Budget Adoption Timeline
  • For Chapter 49 districts - The Agreement for the Purchase of Attendance Credit contract, if not netting, verify date. Specific board meeting minutes language is required. Submit online in the TEAL-FSP System. CAD Cost, District Partner Data, Tuition & Payment Options must be submitted by check date in the TEAL - FSP system online. Excess Local Review - Download and review the Options and Procedures for Local Revenue in Excess of Entitlement (manual)

Food and Nutrition

For more information: Genny D'Souza, (903) 988-6764
  • Food Service Management Company "Request for Proposal" deadline is December 31st
  • USDA Foods Ordering Updates: Transitions from TX-UNPS FDP Module to WBSCM
    TDA is transitioning the following functions from the TX-UNPS Food Distribution Program (FDP) module to USDA's Web-Based Supply Chain Management (WBSCM) system to manage USDA Foods for the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and Summer Food Service Program (SFSP):
    • Ordering
    • Entitlement Management
    • Receipting (for Direct Ship RAs only)
  • WBSCM access determination by TDA: Access is provided to Recipient Agencies (RAs), previously known as Contracting Entities (CEs). 
    • For this reason, FSMC (Food Service Management Company) representatives are not provided access to WBSCM as it is considered a type of "Bank Account." 
    • Anyone who does not directly work for an RA responsible for the WBSCM account is considered a high-security risk from a systems security standpoint. From an auditing standpoint, allowing FSMCs access gives an external company the ability to spend funds in that account on the RA's behalf. This comes with a high degree of risk, requiring strong controls to oversee and manage.

Purple Star Campus Designation

For more information: Beverly Beran, (903) 988-6910

School Board

For more information: Dr. Drew Howard, (903) 988-6921
  • Board Training Requirements (see number 4 within the link):
  • Schedule Trainings for New Board Members: OMA, PIA, Introduction to the Education Code, Local Orientation, School Safety, Cyber Security, and Human Trafficking.  
  • Schedule Team Building (Team of 8) training with your Field Service Agent. The bi-annual EISO training can be paired with your team-building training if needed. 
  • Schedule required Legislative Update with your Field Service Agent. 
  • *Board Self-Evaluation (recommended within 45 days of the superintendent evaluation)
  • *Approve waivers as needed
  • Complete the board member information form after each board election and update board member information in AskTED. Click here to complete the board member information form. 

School Health

For more information: Viki Sparks (903) 988-6840
  • Report to the Department of State Health Services the immunization status of the kindergarten and 7th graders by the deadline of December 8th

Special Education

For more information: Beverly Beran, (903) 988-6910
  • Substitute System of Federal Time-and-Effort Reporting (optional system): LEA Management Certification due to TEA December 1st (to be effective retroactive to July 1st of the same year. It will remain in effect for 2 years, to June 30th. If submitted after December 1st, effective on the submission date and remain in effect for 2 years). This is applicable to all federal programs.
  • Monitor special education expenditures from the general fund to ensure on track for MOE (Maintenance of Effort) compliance 
  • Check current year e-Grants application for Carry Over funds and Max Entitlement (Final Amount) in eGrant. Complete amendments as needed. 
  • Check contact information in AskTED (TEA uses contact information for communications)

Texas Student Data System (TSDS) / PEIMS

For more information: Teresa Richard, (903) 988-6752
  • Request to retire Unique IDs due to TEA for PEIMS Fall first submission on December 1st
  • PEIMS Fall first submission due to Region 7 on November 30th
  • PEIMS Fall first submission due to TEA on December 7th
  • All RF Tracker data up to this point must be promoted, validated, and fatal-free on December 8th
  • TSDS PEIMS Mid-Year ready for user to complete, approve, and accept submissions on December 18th


For more information: Jim Moore, (903) 988-6834
  • Transportation Operations Report due electronically by December 1st

* Requires Board Action / Approval