School Board Training Summit

Region 7 ESC School Board Training Summit 2023
Join us for the 2023 School Board Training Summit on July 14-15, 2023, at Region 7 ESC.  Multiple sessions will be offered daily, from 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM, allowing you to earn the required hours for School Board training.  
Enjoy coffee, donuts, refreshments, and a full lunch, courtesy of our conference sponsors.
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Friday, July 14, 2023
8 AM - Registration, Coffee, & Donuts
8:15 AM - Welcome
8:45 AM - Breakout 1
10:15 AM - Breakout 2
11:30 AM - Lunch (Papacita's)
12:15 PM - Breakout 3
1:45 PM - Breakout 4
Saturday, July 15, 2023
8 AM - Registration, Coffee, & Donuts
8:15 AM - Welcome
8:45 AM - Breakout 1
10:15 AM - Breakout 2
11:30 AM - Lunch (Bodacious)
12:15 PM - Breakout 3
1:45 PM - Breakout 4
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A Day in the Life of School Business
with Adam Quinn - TASB
This session will explore the challenges and opportunities your business and operations administrators face in navigating the everyday purchasing, finance, construction, and facility renovation projects they tackle.  Come prepared to join the conversation centered around vendor and business partner negotiations and navigating the daily requests of running and maintaining efficient, secure, and adequate student learning environments.
Building and Maintaining Trust
with Dr. Richard Alvarado - Powell Law Group
Many experts agree that trust is essential to a harmonious, synergistic, and efficient work environment.  As leaders, we must build and maintain that trust with those we lead.  
During this session, we will discuss five ways for leaders to build trust:
  • Establishing and maintaining integrity
  • Communicating vision and values
  • Considering everyone as equal partners
  • Focusing on shared rather than personal goals
  • Doing what's right regardless of individual risk
We will also discuss the five fastest ways to lose trust:  
  • Acting and speaking inconsistently
  • Seeking personal rather than shared gain
  • Withholding information
  • Lying or telling half-truths
  • Being closed-minded
Building Capacity - How to Create Conditions for Board Unity and Advocacy
with Dr. Delic Loyde
This session will share information with District Leaders about the importance and various methods that can be used to build unity and advocacy within their district.  
Community Engagement
with Dr. Jim Vaszauskas - Huckabee Inc.
Whether your district needs to adopt an effective strategic plan, create a safety committee, or address another hot-topic conversation with your community, there is a way to bring a community committee together where every voice is heard and considered and a consensus is reached.  This presentation will share those strategies that have proven results in small and very large districts. 
Creating a Culture of Service
with Ty Duncan - MindPlay
Do you like Chick-Fil-A?  I like their food a lot, but I like their service better.  They are the most successful fast food franchise in the United States for a reason.  What can we as learning institutions learn from their brand, and how can we as leaders in the system foster a where it is indeed "My Pleasure!" to serve kids.
Embracing Community Involvement During School Board Meetings
with Taylor Garner - Leasor Crass, P.C.
This session will discuss strategies and best practices for embracing public comments at district board meetings. 
Grievances Galore: Navigating the Complaint Process
with Taylor Garner - Leasor Crass, P.C.
This session will provide a general overview of the grievance process and offer tips for navigating parent, employee, and community complaints.
Key Components of Successful Bond Programs
with Dr. Jim Vaszauskas - Huckabee Inc.
Messaging is critical to a successful bond program.  Former superintendent Dr. Jim Vaszauskas and now Strategic Partnership Consultant with Huckabee Architects will share key components and strategies necessary to build community trust for a successful bond.  Join this session to learn how districts have faced the challenges of today’s political climate, hear how Board members played a significant role in their elections, and see how their boots-on-the-ground approach helped to rally their communities.
Legislative Update
with Dr. Drew Howard & Dr. Michael Davis - Region 7 ESC Administrative Services
Updates to the education code from the 88th legislative session. 
Literacy is the Gift of Public Education
with Ty Duncan - MindPlay
Incarcerated adults read on a 4th-grade level on average.  Many states use 3rd and 4th-grade reading levels to determine how many prison beds they need in 10 years.  Has your district made a dedicated commitment to creating literate and ready graduates?  In this session, we will explore ways schools can create a commitment to ensuring all students read on grade level and move heaven and earth to make sure they do.
Local Board Policy: Once Size Doesn't Fit All
with Blake Powell - Powell Law Group
This session will address the school board policy service and update process.  Specific policies unique to local districts will be discussed, along with the importance for trustees to advocate for their local policies to be included. 
Open Forum or Public Testimony or Both?  It Doesn't Matter Until It Matters
with Blake Powell - Powell Law Group
This session will offer a history of Open Forum in Texas, the statutory history of Public Testimony, and a summary of most current hybrid policies.  Reasons for less restriction and more significant restriction on public participation, along with policy options and procedures, will be discussed.
School Safety in 2023
with Dr. Paul Thompson and Darrin Peeples - Region 7 ESC School Safety
With all the new safety requirements being asked of our districts, it is challenging to make sense of it all.  This workshop provides an overview and insight into understanding the current school safety environment.  Participants will have the opportunity to discuss, ask questions, and engage with school safety experts. 
What Does Title IX Look Like Today?
with Kelli Karczeksi - Fisher Firm
Imagine you learn that your district just received an OCR complaint related to transgender rights, gender equality in athletics, or other bias/discrimination.  Is your district prepared to defend its policies, practices, and documentation?  Learn the nuances involved in Title IX compliance and the steps necessary to ensure that your district begins the 2023-2024 school year in check. 

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Adam QuinnAdam Quinn has worked a TASB for 11 years.  He has presented at TASB Annual Conference for several years.  Adam Quinn earned his Bachelor of Business Administration in 2007 from Texas Christian University.  He is the consultant Director for TASB Business Services. 
Blake PowellBlake Powell is the founding and managing partner of the Powell Law Group, LLP.  The Firm represents public school districts in all areas of general education law, strongly emphasizing school employment, construction and business, and real estate transactions.  The Firm has significant trial and appellate practice.  Firm attorneys actively represent school districts in special education, construction, and business transactions litigation.  The Firm has an active public finance practice.  This May, the Firm served as bond counsel to school districts in local bond elections valued in excess of $400 million.  The Firm's government relations team routinely advocates at the Texas Legislature and state agencies.  Additionally, the Firm offers a robust training program led by eight accomplished former chief executives, including two education service center executive directors, six superintendents, a special education director, and a curriculum and policy specialist.  Two former and one current trustee are actively engaged in the Firm's training program.  Finally, the firm is actively involved in executive searches across Texas.
Delic LoydeDr. Delic Loyde is a certified TEA Lone Star Governance Coach and executive leadership coach.  She has achieved the TEA Governance Training Optimization Certification (GTO) for her work with charter school boards.  Dr. Loyde is a partnership advisor for the Systems of Great Schools, School Action Fund, and Teacher Incentive Allotment.  Her continued governance work includes public, charter, non-profit, and university educational entities individually and in public/non-profit partnerships.  Her educational attainment consists of a Bachelor of Arts from Angelo State University, a Master of Education, Principal and Superintendent Certification from Stephen F. Austin University, and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of Houston.  Her additional endorsements are from the Harvard Principal Institute for Urban Principals and the Rice University Brown School of Business Executive Education Academy.
Darrin PeeplesDarrin Peeples is an experienced professional with a strong background in law enforcement and emergency management. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Agriculture Leadership/Development and pursuing a Master's degree in Emergency Management, Darrin has a solid educational foundation. With extensive training and certifications, including Master Peace Officer, School-Based Law Enforcement Certification, and Emergency Medical Technician, Darrin is well-equipped to handle various situations. With over 14 years of state law enforcement experience and multiple responses to state-declared disasters, Darrin brings valuable expertise to the field. Additionally, his 4 years of experience in school-based law enforcement demonstrates his dedication to ensuring safety and security within educational settings.
Drew HowardDr. Drew Howard has served in education as a teacher, principal, and superintendent in small and mid-size schools and as the associate commissioner of school governance for the Texas Education Agency (TEA).  He has now trained over 100 school boards with the sole mission of supporting the implementation of research-based behaviors to improve student outcomes. 
Richard Alvarado
With in-depth expertise in client service and educational design, Dr. Jim Vaszauskas provides guidance and mentorship to the Huckabee team.  Jim served as a superintendent and district administrator in Mansfield ISD for over a decade and brings unique understanding to his current role.  He is available as a resource to our clients­supporting advocacy efforts for public education and offering guidance in strategic planning, academic planning, and leadership. 
Kelli Karczeksi
Kelli began her legal career in 1992 as an Assistant Attorney General with the Texas Attorney General’s office, where she defended state agencies and universities in civil rights and employment discrimination litigation.  This work presented a natural transition into representing public school districts, where she has spent the entirety of her professional career.  Kelli’s focus has been rural districts in East and Southeast Texas.  She conducts numerous trainings for school districts and educational organizations and frequently speaks at state and local conferences.  Kelli has served as an adjunct professor for the Stephen F. Austin State University Department of Education, teaching in the educational leadership program as well as preparing curriculum content.  Kelli is a frequent guest lecturer for SFASU and UT Tyler.  In 2009, in partnership with the Region 7 Education Service Center, Kelli founded eTrain Advantage, an online training library utilized annually by school districts to train thousands of East Texas teachers and administrators on timely school law matters.  Kelli serves as special counsel for the firm, overseeing the Public Administration and Education Division, including product and resource development, as well as superintendent and CEO search processes.
Michael Davis
Dr. Michael Davis is a highly experienced professional in the field of education, with expertise in school finance.  As a Field Service Agent at Region 7 ESC, he brings valuable insights and guidance to school districts in the region.  With a previous role as Superintendent at Cushing ISD, Dr. Davis has a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in educational administration.  His specialization in school finance equips him with the knowledge to effectively navigate the financial aspects of running a school district.  Dr. Davis's dedication to supporting schools and his extensive experience make him a valuable resource for educational leaders in the region.
Paul Thompson
Dr. Paul Thompson is a highly accomplished professional with extensive experience in law enforcement, organizational development, and academia. Holding a Doctorate in Management with a specialization in Organizational Development, as well as a Master of Science in Criminal Justice, Dr. Thompson has a strong educational background. He has contributed to the field through multiple published articles and authored two books. With training and certifications including Texas Master Peace Officer, School-Based Law Enforcement Certification, and Instructors Certification, Dr. Thompson possesses a diverse skill set. With over 30 years of experience as a Texas Peace Officer, he has served in various leadership roles, including Site Manager at the Regional Organized Crime Information Center and Chief of Police in two cities. Currently serving as the Safety Coordinator at Region 7 ESC, Dr. Thompson also brings his expertise to academia as an Adjunct Professor at The University of Texas at Tyler.
Richard Alvarado
Dr. Richard Alvarado graduated from Texas A&M University Kingsville with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and a Master of Science in Educational Administration.  2001 Richard earned his Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Administration from Texas A&M University.  Richard began his career in the educational field as a teacher at San Antonio ISD.  He also served as a principal at a San Antonio elementary before serving as Assistant Superintendent in Curriculum and Instruction for Southside ISD.  Richard has served as the Executive Director at Region 2 ESC.  Richard is currently the Associate Director for Region 20 ESC and a faculty member for the University of Phoenix-San Antonio Campus and Concordia University Texas-San Antonio Campus.
Taylor GarnerTaylor Garner is a recent Texas A&M University School of Law graduate passionate about supporting public school districts through quality legal representation.  Taylor graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Arts in English (Whoop!).  As the daughter of a career school superintendent and classroom teacher, Taylor naturally began her professional career teaching seventh-grade English.  Taylor deeply desires to leverage her legal career to support educators working to create a safe place for students to learn and grow.  While in law school, Taylor has had the opportunity to serve as a teaching assistant for first-year law students and work in the on-campus legal clinic.  She has also had the privilege of competing on the Aggie Dispute Resolution team for two years.  Taylor and her teammate were honored to win the National Championship for the American Bar Association's Representation in Mediation Competition and second place in the region for the American Bar Association's Client Counseling Competition.  Taylor was also inducted into the Order of Barristers, a national honor society for law students who have demonstrated outstanding skills in oral advocacy.
Ty DuncanTy Duncan has worked at Region 17 Education Service Center for 18 years.  He supervises the Accountability, Leadership, and Compliance component.  The team manages 43 ESSA grants for districts, provides training and coaching to leaders and teachers, and ensures districts comply with punitive accountability measures around school improvement.  Ty is highly proficient in all things assessment and is looking to be a part of the changing landscape in education.  He has served in a variety of capacities and supported various software programs.  Coaching leaders and teachers are the most rewarding part of Ty's work.  Ty says, "Leading a cohesive staff is perhaps my greatest joy!"

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