SMARTER Goal Potential

It is natural to begin the new year by declaring New Year’s Resolutions. But did you know that according to a study by Forbes about 80% of people lose sight of their resolutions by February?
Why is that?
Jonathan Alpert, author of “Be Fearless: Change Your Life in 28 Days,” theorized that most resolutions are not kept because they are not specific according to a Business Insider article. What can be done to not lose sight of the goals we set?
By now, most of us have heard of SMART goals. Creating a SMART goal turns an arbitrary statement into an intentional action plan. 
2023 smart goals goal resolution smarter region 7 escSMART goals are:
Specific   |   Measurable   |   Attainable   |   Relevant   |   Time-bound
For a breakdown of SMART goals, and how to ensure your SMART goal is most effective, visit the MindTools website
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There are authors that have proposed moving beyond the SMART goal process into SMARTER goals. Through my research on SMARTER goals, I noticed that the addition of an “E” and an “R” mean different things to different people. One author, Michael Hyatt, has challenged my thinking by breaking down SMARTER like this: 
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Michael Hyatt added risky and exciting to help you to think differently about the goals you are setting for yourself. Not only did he add risky and exciting, but he suggested moving relevant to the end of the acronym. By moving relevant to the end and considering risky and exciting in your goal-setting process, the potential for real change increases. Consider: How does the goal challenge you (risky)? How does it connect to your motivations in life (exciting)? Ending the goal-setting process by asking the relevance of the goal will ensure that your goal is grounded in a purpose. These questions are important reflective questions as you are creating your goals.
Before we begin to set a goal, it is imperative that we reflect on where we have been. The month of December is usually full of TV segments, articles, and social media posts highlighting the ups and downs of the year. Do we do that internally before creating our goals? Do we think back on our year, our previous goals, feedback we have received, and the needs of those around us?
Reflection is an important first step in creating goals, and should be a continuous action that is taken throughout the life of the goal. This is especially true when we begin to create goals that are risky and exciting. 
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My challenge to you is to move away from the normal New Year’s resolution! Instead, reflect on where you have been and create a New Year’s goal that is SMARTER that will provide you with a new perspective on what you can achieve.
Updated January 5, 2023
Brooke Kinsman 2023 smart goals goal resolution smarter region 7 esc Brooke Kinsman is a Curriculum Coordinator for Region 7 ESC and works with the Math, Science, Social Studies, Gifted/Talented, and Fine Arts programs.  She was previously a Texas Lesson Study facilitator.  Before joining us at Region 7 ESC, she taught at Henderson ISD and Trinidad ISD where she taught Science, Social Studies, and English Language Arts.

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