December 2023 Monthly Reminders

Monthly Reminders

Accountability & Assessment

For more information: Crissy Haynie, (903) 988-6762
  • School Report Card released (send home within six weeks)
  • Federal Report Card released (distribute to campuses, parents, and the public)
  • View TAPR reports

Administration and Leadership

For more information: Jim Moore, (903) 988-6834
  • Review TEA COVID-19 Resources & Guidelines website for any updates
  • State Compensatory Education (TEC§29.081(B-3))
  • UIL dues Deadline January 1st Annually to State UIL Office (CCR D10)
  • Review DFBB (LEGAL & LOCAL) for non-renewals
  • *Hire staff in accordance with district policy & procedure (as needed)
  • Update AskTED

Career & Technical Education

For more information: Mark Parkerson, (903) 988-6864
  • Recruitment plan for pre-registration
  • Develop marketing/recruitment tool
  • Review and compare 3rd 6 weeks Principals and Superintendents FTE report to in-house report
  • Review 2nd-semester schedule changes
  • Review new semester course offerings
  • Review Career Prep and Practicum Training plans -job changes, new Training Plans…
  • Review activities for CTE Month-February
  • Attend ESC Workshops

Charter Specific

For more information: Jim Moore, (903) 988-6834
  • Charter holder must file audit report disclosing all management company loans
  • Governance Report due to TEA December 1st
  • Expansion Amendments opens January 1st
  • Update AskTED with TEA Charter Division

Federal and State Programs

For more information: Viki Sparks, (903) 988-6840
  • Review/implement district/campus improvement plans in accordance with district planning process (TEC§11.251)
  • 2022-2023 Substitute System of Federal Time-and-Effort Reporting (optional system) Annual LEA Management Certification due to TEA (to be effective for spring and summer semesters of current school year if September deadline missed) by December 1st to be retroactive to July 1st, or submission after December 1st, the approval is effective as of the date of submission. This is applicable to all federal programs.
  • Review ESSER III RIPICS and Use of funds plan per six-month review cycle


For more information: Dr. Michael Davis, (903) 988-6724
  • Review student attendance figures as compared to prior year and budget projections
  • Publish Schedule C-3 from independent audit in local newspaper
  • Approve Independent Audit Report for September 1st FY
  • Debt Transparency Reporting (June 30th FY) December 27th
  • Develop Budget Adoption Timeline for 2022-2023

Food and Nutrition

For more information: Cathy Brady, (903) 988-6818
  • Farm Fresh Challenge registration opens for CACFP on December 6th
  • Independent Review of Applications Report opens on December 14th
  • Food Service Management Company Request for Proposal deadline is December 31st

School Board

For more information: Dr. Drew Howard, (903) 988-6921
  • *Approve Annual Independent Audit Report (AFR) due to TEA no later than January 28th for LEAs with September 1st FY
  • Post Trustee training hours (Military Districts Only)
  • Board self-evaluation (recommended within 45 days of the superintendent evaluation)
  • *Approve waivers as needed
  • Complete 3-hour local orientation for new board members
  • Notify ESC Field Service Agents of newly appointed/elected trustees and review associate training requirements/timelines

School Safety

For more information: Dr. Paul Thompson, (903) 988-6989
  • 2023-2025 School Safety Standards Formula Grant
  • 2022-2024 Silent Panic Alert Technology Grant

Special Education

For more information: Beverly Beran, (903) 988-6910
  • Substitute System of Federal Time-and-Effort Reporting (optional system): LEA Management Certification due to TEA December 1st (to be effective retroactive to July 1st of the same year. Will remain in effect for 2 years, to June 30th. If submitted after December 1st, effective on date of submission and remain in effect for 2 years). This is applicable to all federal programs.
  • 2022-2023 SC5100 Coordinated Early Intervening Services (CEIS) Data Collection Form (applicable to certain LEAs) due to TEA December 2nd
  • Monitor special education expenditures from the general fund to ensure on track for MOE (Maintenance of Effort) compliance

Texas Student Data System(TSDS)/PEIMS

For more information: Teresa Richard, (903) 988-6752
  • Requests to retire Unique IDs due at TEA for PEIMS Fall first submission - December 2nd
  • PEIMS Fall first submission due date to Region 7 - December 1st
  • PEIMS Fall first submission due date to TEA - December 8th
  • All RF Tracker data up to this point must be promoted, validated, and fatal free - December 9th
  • TSDS PEIMS Mid-Year ready for user to complete, approve, and accept submissions -  December 19th


For more information: Jim Moore, (903) 988-6834
  • Transportation Operations Report due electronically by December 1st

* Requires Board Action / Approval