Summer 2024 Conferences

Region 7 Summer Conferences 2024
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Region 7 ESC Summer Conference, Summer Speaker Series
July 15 - Join us for an empowering virtual keynote by Kevon Lee, activist and author, as he shares his journey of overcoming adversity and finding empowerment through his "Go Make a Difference (#GoMAD)" mission, inspiring positive change in ourselves and our communities. Find out more here!
August 1 - Join us for an inspiring virtual keynote by Stephanie Ellison, elementary school behavior specialist and author, as she shares her heartfelt journey through adversity and empowers audiences with insights and hope, drawing from her experiences with addiction, depression, and instability. Find out more here!
Region 7 ESC Summer Conference, Illuminate, Curriculum Conference
Illuminate is a vibrant curriculum conference inviting educators from all grades and subjects, with a focus on math, science, social studies, and ELAR. Join passionate teachers and leaders to explore innovative education strategies, featuring keynote speakers, micro-sessions, a vendor hall, and giveaways, aiming to inspire transformative teaching practices and collaboration.
Region 7 ESC Summer Conference, EB Con, What's Your Story?
Join us for two full days of keynotes, breakout sessions, and collaboration! We all have unique stories about discovering new things! When we share our successes, struggles, and moments of learning, it makes the whole experience more real for our students. So, let's bring our personal stories into the classroom, creating a connection between what we teach and the real-life adventure of learning.
Region 7 ESC Summer Conference, Build a Better Campus
The A-F Accountability System gives our campuses and districts a grade, but what specific steps can we take to make improvements? During this session, participants will identify areas in accountability where they want to improve, explore actions to take, and how it could look on their campus.
Region 7 ESC Summer Conference, Mind Flex, GT Conference
Prepare to unleash your creativity and expand your thinking at the Mind Flex: Region 7 ESC G/T Conference! The conference offers insights to empower educators in creating dynamic learning environments. With interactive sessions and exciting prizes, join us for a summer conference that reinvigorates your approach to gifted education.
Region 7 ESC Summer Conference, Hot Topics for School Nurses
Students must be safe and healthy in order to optimally learn. The role of the school nurse as a health leader in the school is essential in supporting the well-being of students. School nurses will be able to describe their role regarding hot topics relevant to the school setting. This conference will be held at UT Tyler UC Ballroom, Circle Dr, Tyler, TX 75799. CNEs will be awarded through the University of Texas at Tyler School of Nursing.
Region 7 ESC Summer Conference, School Board Summit
Are you ready to take your board to the next level? Join us for our annual School Board Summit on July 19-20 at Region 7 ESC! This is your chance to satisfy the required training hours with sessions tailored to the issues facing our Region 7 community.  You'll also have the opportunity to connect with fellow board members from across the region.
Region 7 ESC Summer Conference, Paraprofessional Symposium
Join our symposium empowering instructional paraprofessionals in Texas with annual training supporting educators working with diverse learning needs. Gain insights into responsibilities, effective teaching partnerships, behavior strategies, and instructional support through engaging breakout sessions. Plan your day with a provided rotation schedule, and enjoy lunch on your own as we equip you with valuable skills and knowledge.
Region 7 ESC Summer Conference, Fine Arts Festival
Immerse yourself in the Fine Arts Festival Workshop, where music, art, theatre, and dance teachers unite to infuse classrooms with inspiration. Experience a day of creativity, collaboration, and celebration as educators turn teaching into a vibrant performance.
Region 7 ESC Summer Conference, Summer Child Nutrition Workshop
Region 7 Child Nutrition Program welcomes participants to the 2024 Child Nutrition Summer Workshop. Participants will receive the most updated information from TDA and USDA to help stay current with state and federal regulations. A variety of courses will offer participants an opportunity to expand their professional development, gain new ideas, and share experiences with personnel from other districts.