Spring 2024 Conferences

Region 7 Spring Conferences 2024
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Capturing Kids' Hearts
A relationship with one caring adult has the power to impact student welfare and success. Bus drivers, teachers, paraprofessionals, counselors, principals, interventionists, and other school staff have a direct and daily influence on positive student outcomes. 'Capturing Kids' Hearts' shows them how to create high-achieving centers of learning by strengthening students' connectedness to others through enhancing healthy bonds with staff and establishing collaborative agreements of acceptable behavior. Participants will learn how to build meaningful, productive relationships with every student and every colleague; how to develop team-building skills and social contracts with students, and how to create a safe, effective environment for learning. ***This is a 2-day training*** Participants are required to attend both days to get credit.
New ESSER Grant Close Out Workshop
TASBO is so excited to roll out a NEW ESSER Grant Close-out Workshop! The ESSER Compliance Workshops offered during the last 2 years included an overview of the ESSER funding sources, program requirements, and how to prepare for compliance reviews. Now that ESSER grant funds will end in 2024, it's time to shift our focus to the many issues related to the close-out of the ESSER grants.
This NEW workshop will address many important topics, such as an overview of end-of-grant activities, the inevitable funding cliff, disposal of assets and residual supplies, records retention, and so much more. Attendees will have several hands-on and engagement opportunities to develop a process to close-out ESSER grants in their LEA.
More Than Mentoring
Best practices to increase student success should include recruiting, inducting, and retaining high-quality educators; however, these best practices are often overshadowed until it is "staffing season". In this session, school leaders will identify actions to make the highest impact on supporting new teachers and how to ensure growth for both alternatively certified teachers and traditionally certified teachers. Guidance will be given on how to create or revitalize a district's teacher mentor program specific to their teachers' needs. TEA's Effective Schools Framework will be one of the resources referenced for developing a practical, operative plan in conjunction with the three-year Learning Hierarchy for Teachers (Harris, 2016).
Region 7 ESC Showcase Day
Superintendents from the region are welcomed to our yearly showcase day, offering a preview of the Region 7 services available for the 2024-2025 school year. Bring your team and anticipate an engaging day ahead. Lunch will be provided!