Blended Learning Institute

What is Blended Learning?

Blended Learning is an instructional approach that includes a combination of online and in-person learning activities which provide some element of student control over the time, place, path, and/or pace of their learning.


Why Should a District Implement Blended Learning?

Personalized, Flexible Learning Icon Provides a more personalized and flexible learning experience for students.
Increased Collaboration Icon Allows for more opportunities for collaboration, individualized feedback, and support from teachers.
Engaging Online Learning Resources Icon Incorporates online learning resources that make learning more engaging and interactive and provides better ROI for 1 to 1 initiatives
Future Workforce Preparation Icon Prepares students for the future workforce by building digital literacy skills and the ability to work remotely and collaboratively.

Teacher Benefits

  • Cultivate classroom engagement
  • Improve student performance
  • Increase ability to differentiate instruction
  • Create student autonomy in the learning process
  • Provide rigorous learning opportunities for ALL students
  • Execute data-driven instruction based

Teachers who complete the Institute in one school year will also receive a Regional Blended Learning Credential.

What Initiatives Does the Blended Learning Institute Support?

  • Essential Schools Framework (ESF)
  • Texas Instructional Leadership (TIL)
  • Texas Lesson Study
  • TEA Available High-Quality Instructional Materials (HQIM) Implementation
  • And More!
Blended Learning Pillars Chart. Pillar 1: Assessment & Data-Driven Instruction. Pillar 2: Personalized Instruction. Pillar 3: Student Agency. Pillar 4: Relationships. Pillar 5: Rigor.

Blended Learning Institute Levels

Level 1 - Basic

  • Access to Blended Learning Boot Camp, online courses, and PLC meetings

Level 2 - Advanced

  • Access to Blended Learning Boot Camp, online courses, and PLC meetings
  • In-district training with Blended Learning Institute Teachers/Administrators (as necessary)
  • In-classroom coaching and support
"The Blended Learning support from Region 7 has transformed the way we teach and learn, creating a dynamic and personalized learning experience that meets the needs of both students and teachers. With the integration of our district technology and personalized instruction, students have gained greater access to educational resources and a more flexible learning environment, while teachers have been empowered to deliver impactful lessons to engage students."

Brittany Eldred | Principal, Quitman Elementary School


Institute Requirements


  • Blended Learning Boot Camp (August)
  • Blended Learning Online Courses (3 at 1 hour each)
  • Blended Learning PLC at Region 7 (1 day per semester)
  • Availability for in-district support/coaching (monthly)*

*Level 2 - Advanced


  • Blended Learning Overview (3-hour hybrid in August)
  • Blended Learning PLC at Region 7 (1 day per semester)
  • Availability for check-ins/debriefs during in-district visits (monthly)*

*Level 2 - Advanced

What makes a good Blended Learning Institute candidate?

Districts may select any teachers to participate in the Blended Learning Institute.

However, optimal candidates have the following characteristics:

  • Possesses a growth mindset
  • Open to technology integration
  • Connects online assessments (STAAR et al) to classroom instruction
  • Has solid classroom management practices in place
  • Has the willingness to relinquish some control in the classroom (student-centeredness)

For more information, contact:

Elizabeth Walker Headshot Elizabeth Walker, M.Ed.
Digital Learning Director
[email protected]
Benjamin Wood Headshot Benjamin Wood, M.Ed.
Digital Learning Coordinator
[email protected]