Paraprofessional Symposium 2023

Instructional paraprofessionals are invaluable to schools across Texas. This symposium will empower paraprofessionals with annual training opportunities to assist educators of students with unique learning differences. Learning opportunities include responsibility requirements, successful teaching partnerships, what to do with behaviors, and instructional support. Each attendee will choose the 4 one-hour and fifteen-minute learning sessions for an individualized rotation. You must choose your learning sessions.
8:30-9:45 – Session 1: 15-minute break follows
10:00-11:15 – Session 2: 15-minute break follows
11:15-12:15  – LUNCH
12:15-1:30 – Session 3: 15-minute break follows
1:45-3:00 – Session 4: Final Session
Once you register for the symposium, you will then be able to choose your "learning sessions." Learning session choices can be found in your professional development records under "My Content," "My Upcoming Workshops." You will select 4 options. After completing registration, session selection is available in your professional development records in "My Content," and "My Upcoming Workshops" (click on the symposium workshop title).