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EB Con 2024

Region 7 ESC EB Conference - What's Your Story?
July 10-11, 2024
Join us for two full days of keynotes, breakout sessions, and collaboration!
We all have unique stories about discovering new things! When we share our successes, struggles, and moments of learning, it makes the whole experience more real for our students. So, let's bring our personal stories into the classroom, creating a connection between what we teach and the real-life adventure of learning.
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Emily Frances
Featured Keynote
Emily Francis, ESL Teacher & Author
Emily Francis’ If You Only Knew tells her story — from her childhood in Guatemala, where she worked in her mother’s fruit-selling business and helped raise her four younger siblings, through her journey into the United States as an undocumented, unaccompanied minor, and to her experience fulfilling her dream of becoming a teacher — through a series of letters she writes to eight immigrant students in whom she sees pieces of herself.

Lots of breakout topics to pick from!  Check back often for additional topics.
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