Mineola Partners with Texas A&M

Mineola Independent School District is exploring new ways to expand its Career and Technical Education program and offer additional certifications to graduating seniors. The district is planning to collaborate with Texas A&M to offer certifications in Basic Water and Basic Wastewater licensing.

Last week, members of the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service Water Training Program visited Mineola High School to showcase its mobile training lab. The mobile lab is an additional piece to the licensing programs that will be offered. The lab gives students the opportunity to have a hands on experience and is built to simulate a real world working environment.  

To participate in the program, students will follow an online course facilitated by Mineola staff. Students will be required to pass an exam, and upon graduation they will obtain the Basic Water and Wastewater license. This prepares the student for entry into a high demand career field.

According to Mineola ISD Director of Special Programs Mark Parkerson, this program has the ability to appeal to a new group of students. “This program will give us another opportunity to reach students and prepare them for life after high school. This will give us the tools to ensure that more of our students are career ready upon competition of high school. I am excited to bring this to Mineola ISD,” Parkerson said.

Mineola ISD is in the early exploration phase of the program and doesn’t have a definite start date but according to Parkerson, they are hoping to begin offering the licensing program by the 2018-2019 school year.