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Region 7 Employee Directory
Accountability & School Improvement
Employee Name Title Phone Number Specialization/Program Credentials
Carter, Nicki Administrative Secretary 903-988-6773
Gillespie, Julie Coordinator 903-988-6754 Accountability, ESSA School Support, State Assessment, Performance-Based Monitoring M. Ed., Principal EC-12, Reading Specialist PK-12, English (1-8), Elementary Self-Contained (1-8), Reading (1-8), English Language Arts (6-12), English (6-12), Reading (6-12)
Green, Leesa Assistant Deputy Executive Director 903-988-6715 Assessment, Accountability, Data Validation Monitoring-State Assessment, Focus Schools, Priority Schools M.Ed., Reading 1-8, Elementary Self Contained 1-8
Lovely, Henryett Assistant Deputy Executive Director 903-988-6854 Accountability, Data Validation Monitoring, Focus Schools, Priority Schools, Performance-Based Monitoring, Disproportionate Representation Ed. D, Elementary Self-Contained 1-8, Physical Education 1-8, Principal EC-12, Superintendent EC-12
Administration Office
Employee Name Title Phone Number Specialization/Program Credentials
Abernethy, Elizabeth Executive Director 903-988-6711 ESC Administration, Services M.Ed., Spanish 6-12, English 6-12, Counselor PK-12, Superintendent PK-12, Mid-Management Administrator PK-12
McGarity, Patricia Executive Secretary 903-988-6811 ESC Administration A.A.S.
Business Office
Employee Name Title Phone Number Specialization/Program Credentials
Barber, Pamela Assistant Director of Finance 903-988-6732 ESC Accounting Management B.B.A., CPA, CTSBS
Cavazos, Jaclyn Payroll Accountant 903-988-6727 Accounts Receivable B.A.
Cooper, Shelley Accounting Specialist 903-988-6723 Accounts Receivable/Payable B.B.A., M.S.
Davis, Pat Bookkeeper 903-988-6731 Accounts Payable-Head Start, Travel CTSBS
Ferguson, Coty Accountant/Accounts Receivable 903-988-6727
Gutierrez, Susan Administrative Secretary 903-988-6783 Administrative Assistance
Holland, Carrie Deputy Executive Director of Finance 903-988-6734 ESC Chief Financial Officer B.B.A., CPA, RTSBA
Lander, Sue Grants Specialist 903-988-6739 Grants B.A., M.S., CTSBS
Salyer, Rita Bookkeeper 903-988-6726 Accounts Payable
Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
Employee Name Title Phone Number Specialization/Program Credentials
Ashby, Donna Gifted/Talented Specialist 903-988-6774 Gifted/Talented M.Ed., Principal EC-12, Elementary Self-Contained 1-8, Reading 1-8
Cheshire, Carla Gifted/Talented Specialist 903-988-6984 Gifted/Talented M.Ed., Principal, EC-12, Elementary Self-Contained 1-8, History, ESL
Collins, Tera Curriculum Coordinator 903-988-6772 TEKS Resource System, Early Childhood, Fine Arts, Instructional Material M.Ed., Science 6-8, Science 4-8, Generalist EC-4
Conerly, Kay Administrative Secretary 903-988-6892 TEKS Resources System B.B.A.
Copeland, Donna Educator Certification Technician 903-988-6836 Educator Certification
Curry, Rodney Manager of Instructional Leadership 903-988-6801 Instructional Leadership (New Leaders) M.Ed., Reading 6-12, Principal EC-12
Darragh, Sheron Curriculum Director 903-988-6824 Curriculum, Instructional/Administrative Leadership, School Improvement Ed. D, Principal EC-12, Elementary Self-Contained 1-8, Art 1-8
Davis, Regina Associate Director 903-988-6841 Educator Certification, T-TESS, T-PESS, Leadership Ed. D, Mid-Management Administrator PK-12, Superintendent PK-12, English 1-8, Elementary Self Contained 1-8
Dowdy, Carmen Curriculum Specialist 903-988-6982 TEKS Resource System M.Ed. Administration, Classroom Teacher Mathematics 4-8, Principal EC-12
Eyler, Paul Specialist 903-988-6796 Elementary Science/Social Studies M.Ed., Generalist 4-8
Henley, Kellie Secretary 903-988-6893 Secretary
Johnston, Amber EcoLand Specialist 903-988-7683 EcoLand, Early Childhood B.A.E., Reading 1-8, Elementary Self-Contained 1-8, Reading 6-12
Jordan, Dee ELA Specialist 903-988-6767 ELA Grades 6-12, TEKS ELA M.Ed., ELA 6-12, Reading 8-12, Principal EC-12
Kinsman, Brooke Lesson Study Facilitator 903-988-6912 Texas Lesson Study M.Ed., 4-8 Science, 4-8 English Language Arts, EC-6 Generalist
Lemon, Rhonda Specialist 903-988-6790 Early Childhood M.Ed., Generalist EC-4 4-8, ESL EC-8
Marshall, Kim Specialist 903-988-6817 Educator Certification, Leadership M.Ed., Principal EC-12, Elementary Self-Contained 1-8, Elementary Reading 1-8
Marshall, Wendy Administrative Secretary 903-988-6806 ELA A.B.S.
McCallie, Rhonda Curiculum Coordinator 903-988-6808 ELA, G/T, Math, Science, Social Studies M.Ed., Mid-Management Administrator PK-12, Elementary Self Contained 1-8, English 1-8
Meadows, Katherine Secretary 903-988-6758 Early Childhood
Morton, Sherry Math Specialist 903-988-6743 Math Grades 9-12 Ed. D, Mathematics 8-12
Nelson, Lynn Secretary 903-988-6780 Science / Social Studies
Ralson, Brian Coordinator 903-988-6781 Educator Certification, Leadership M.Ed., Superintendent EC-12, Mid-Management Administrator PK-12
Salinas, Lori Secretary 903-988-6784 Gifted/Talented
Slaughter, James Specialist 903-988-6976 Secondary Science, Social Studies B.S., Science 8-12
Spann, Vanessa Administrative Secretary 903-988-6763 Math B.B.A.
Steele, Betty Associate Director 903-988-6821 Curriculum, Instructional Leadership M.Ed., Generalist EC-4
Tarr, Jane Math Specialist 903-988-6794 Math Grades K-5 M.Ed., Math K-5, Elementary Self-Contained 1-8, Mathematics 1-8
Venters, Angela Specialist 903-988-6788 Elementary ELA, Dyslexia M.Ed., Master Reading Teacher EC-12, Reading Specialist EC-12, Elementary Self-Contained 1-8, Elementary Reading 1-8, English as a Second Language EC-12, Principal EC-12
Whitaker, LaTonya Math Specialist 903-988-6741 Math Grades 5-8 M.Ed., Math 5-8, Principal EC-12, Mathematics 6-12
Digital Learning
Employee Name Title Phone Number Specialization/Program Credentials
Adams, Andy Coordinator 903-988-6951 Digital Learning, Online Courses, Instructional Technology M.Ed., Reading 1-6, Elementary Self-Contained 1-6, Spanish 1-6, ESL 1-6, Principal EC-12
Bruhn, Barbara Director of Technology Services 903-988-6728 Digital Learning, Information Management System, Information Technology, Workshop Services B.B.A., M.B.A., RTSBA
Cooper, Michelle Digital Learning Specialist 903-988-6918 Digital Learning, Online Courses, Instructional Technology M.Ed., Secondary English (6-12), Secondary ELA (6-12), ESL (6-12), Principal (EC-12), School Librarian (EC-12)
Curry, Holly Digital Learning Specialist 903-988-6953 Digital Learning, Internet Safety, Instructional Technology, TexQuest M.Ed., Generalist 4-8, Science 8-12, Biology 6-12, Agriculture 6-12
Nail, Cathy Technology Support 903-988-6950 Administrator Assistant
Reardon, Texas Digital Learning Specialist 903-988-6925 Distance Education, Video Conferencing, Video Production M.A.
Walker, Elizabeth Assistant Director 903-988-6924 Digital Learning, Instructional Technology, Online Courses, Texas Gateway, BrainPOP M.Ed., Science 8-12, Dance 6-12, Physical Science 6-12, Principal EC-12
Employee Name Title Phone Number Specialization/Program Credentials
Ashley, Lanetta Assistant Director 903-988-6777 DMAC Technical Support B.B.A.
Baron, Tonja DMAC Specialist 903-988-6968 M.Ed
Barton, Carly DMAC Design and Delivery Coordinator 903-988-6757 DMAC M.A.
Boling, Lori DMAC Help Desk Technician 903-988-6971
Burris, John Database Administrator 903-988-6751 B.B.A., DBA, SA, CP
Davidson, Lauren Administrative Secretary 903-988-6973
Deller, Sarah DMAC Specialist 903-988-6814 DMAC M.Ed., K-12 Social Studies, 4-8 Generalist
Doucette, Naomi Administrative Secretary 903-988-6761
Fontaine, Cathy DMAC Help Desk Technician 903-988-6820 DMAC MOS Certified
Freeze, Victor DMAC Programmer 903-988-6957 M.S.C.S
Greene, Deanna DMAC Specialist 903-988-6756 DMAC M.Ed., Chemistry, Biology
Johnson, Linda Technology Support 903-988-6927 DMAC Technical Support B.B.A.
Jordan, Paula DMAC Specialist 903-988-6812 DMAC M.Ed.
Luff, Anita Director 903-988-6804 DMAC, TSDS M.S.
Martin, Beverly DMAC Coordinator 903-988-6813 DMAC, TAG M.Ed.
Medlin, Kyle Associate Director 903-988-6926 B.B.A.
Mick, Christine DMAC Programmer III 903-988-6988 DMAC B.S.C.S.
Morris, Melanie DMAC Help Desk Specialist 903-988-6820 DMAC Help Desk Support B.B.A. Information Systems
Orren, Jennifer DMAC Specialist 903-988-6844 DMAC M.P.S., B.S., EC-12 Principal Certification, SS Grades 8-12
Rogers, Jake DMAC Programmer 903-988-6779 B.S.C.S.
Singleton, Lauren DMAC Communication Technician 903-988-6880 DMAC Website
Snook, Gary DMAC Specialist 903-988-6967 M.Ed
Spradlin, Mitchell Programmer Analyst IV 903-988-6760 B.S.C.S.
Federal Programs
Employee Name Title Phone Number Specialization/Program Credentials
Brice, Kerri Federal Programs Specialist 903-988-6719 Title I: Part A, School Support M.Ed
Delgado, Carmen Coordinator 903-988-6861 Bilingual/ESL/ELL, Title III, ELPS, LPAC, Sheltered Instruction M.Ed., Bilingual/ESL Spanish, Principal EC-12, Reading 1-8, Elementary Self-Contained 1-8
Evers, Tara ESL/Bilingual/Migrant Specialist 903-988-6983 ESL, Bilingual, Migrant M. Ed., School Counselor, Spanish, ESL, Dance
Haynie, Crissy ESL Specialist 903-988-6762 ESL M.S., 1-8 Self Contained, 1-8 Reading, EC-12 Principal, EC-12 English as a Second Language Supplemental
Honzell, Tricia Administrative Secretary 903-988-6906
Knight, Adrian Federal Programs Coordinator 903-988-6810 Carl Perkins Grant, CTE, School Safety M.Ed., Superintendent EC-12, Principal EC-12, Math 6-12, Vocational Agriculture Production 6-12
LaBay, Jenny Administrative Assistant 903-988-6961
Mancha, Marisol Migrant OSY Recruiter 903-988-6847
McBurnett, Diana Associate Deputy Executive Director 903-988-6909 ESEA, Federal Accountability, Federal Funding M.Ed., MAIS, English Language Arts 6-12, Reading 6-12, Theatre Arts 6-12, Generic Special Education 6-12, ED DIAG PK-12, Speech 6-12
Moffet, Judy Administrative Secretary 903-988-6725
Pino, Joseph Federal Programs Specialist 903-988-6793 Bilingual/ESL/ELL, ELPS, LPAC, Sheltered Instruction, TELPAS, Title III M.A., Bilingual/ESL-Spanish, Elementary Self-Contained 1-8, Early Childhood Education-Handicapped PK-6, Early Childhood Education PK-KG, Spanish 6-12
Scott, Brenna Administrative Secretary 903-988-6749
Sparks, Viki Director 903-988-6840 Title 1, Migrant M.Ed. ESL, Special Education PK-12, Elementary Music 1-8, Elementary Self-Contained 1-8
Weatherford, Vicki Federal Programs Specialist 903-988-6850 At-Risk/SCE, Federal Accountability, Campus Improvement, Highly Qualified, Title I M.Ed., Superintendent EC-12, Mid-Management Administrator PK-12, Reading 1-12, ESL 1-12, Elementary Self-Contained 1-8
Wright, Sherri Coordinator 903-988-6809 Counseling, Parent Involvement, School Health M.Ed., Counselor, Elementary Self-Contained 1-8, Reading 1-8, Driver Education 6-12, Kindergarten PK-KG
Head Start
Employee Name Title Phone Number Specialization/Program Credentials
Alford, Lori Health and Nutrition Support 903-988-6703 Health and Nutrition
Alford, Sheila Health Specialist 903-988-7617 Health A.S., RN
Antley, Carmen Program Compliance Support 903-988-6702 Program Compliance
Assenheimer, Kathryn Education Specialist 903-988-7654 Education B.S.Ed. ECE
Barnes, Connie Education Specialist 903-988-6833 Education MLA, Special Education EC-12, Core Subjects EC-12
Bell, Christie Grant Accounting Specialist 903-988-7661 Head Start Grant Funds B.S.
Bishop, Brenda Specialist 903-988-7663 Education B.S.Ed ECE
Boddie, Kathryne Mental Health Coordinator 903-988-7636 Mental Health M.A., L.P.C., N.C.C., Teacher 1-8 Self-Contained, School Counselor PK-12
Bunt, Sheri Education Specialist 903-988-7618 Education B.S.Ed. ECE PK-6, Elementary Self-Contained PK-6
Burnett, Katie Health Coordinator 903-988-6862 Health M.A.C.M., RN, BSN
Camp, Kellie Early Head Start Education Specialist 903-988-7641 Early Head Start M.Ed., Educational Leadership, ECE PK-6, Elementary English 1-8, ESL PK-8, Principal EC-12
Castaneda, Jana Support 903-988-7647 Disabilities, Mental Health
Connor, Gail Administrative Secretary- Program Compliance 903-988-6707 Program Compliance B.S.
Cummins, Patricia Health and Nutrition Support 903-988-7639 Health and Nutrition
Dallas-Theus, Tennessa Early Head Start Health Specialist 903-988-7656 Health A.S., RN, BSN
Edmiston, Barbara Mental Health Specialist 903-988-6827 Mental Health M.A., LPC
Endsley, Katherine Education Specialist 903-988-7620 Education B.S.Ed. ECE, Reading 1-8, Science 1-8
Everett, Tambrea Support 903-988-7662 Head Start Administration
Fennell, Amy Program Compliance Specialist 903-988-7619 Program Compliance B.A.
Gaskin, Cathy Education Coordinator 903-988-7635 Education M.Ed. ECE, Principal EC-12
Goodman, Jerolyn Nutrition Specialist 903-988-7621 Head Start Nutrition BS Nutrition & Dietetics, RDN, LDN, SNS
Green, Dawn Disailities Specialist 903-988-7624 Disabilities Ph.D., Licensed Specialist in School Psychology, Nationally Certified School Psychologist
Griffith, Felicia Program Compliance Support 903-988-7660 Program Compliance
Harden, Sacha Education Specialist 903-988-7634 Education M.Ed., Education Leaderhip
Hardy, Brittany Administrative Secretary 903-988-6986 Education
Henson, Alan Environmental Safety Specialist 903-988-7668 Safety B.A., Safety Inspection
Hodge-Floyd, Phyllis Health Specialist 903-988-6704 Health B.S., RN, BSN
Hughes, Wanda Bookkeeper 903-988-6712 Accounts Payable/Receivable
Huling, Amber Education Specialist 903-988-7667 Education M.Ed. ECE
Jimenez, Chandra Health Specialist 903-988-7614 Health and Nutrition RN, BSN
Jones, Jackie Assistant Director 903-988-6954 Education, Mental Health, Disabilities B.S.Ed., M.Ed., ECE PK-6, Elementary Self-Contained PK-6, English 1-8
Kennon, Pamela Systems Analyst 903-988-6713 Program Compliance B.S.Ed. ECE
Krider, Martha Mental Health Specialist 903-988-7648 Mental Health MSW, LCSW
Lopez, Laura Program Compliance Bilingual Specialist 903-988-6769 Program Compliance, Bilingual B.S.Ed.
Luna, Ellen Program Compliance Support 903-988-7602 Program Compliance
Maranitch, Jerry Disabilities Specialist 903-988-7623 Disabilities M.Ed., ED DIAG, Principal K-12, Spanish 6-12, Special Education 6-12
Mathews-Adams, Julie Health Specialist 903-988-7632 Health A.S., RN
McCoy, Sonya Director, Head Start 903-988-6979 Administration M. Ed., Elementary Self-Contained 1-8, English 1-8, Generic Special Education EC-12, Educational Diagnostician PK-12, Mid-Management Administrator PL-12
McLaughlin, Latisha Health Support 903-988-7659 Health and Nutrition Support Post High School
Moore, Kim Health Specialist 903-988-7616 Health B.S., RN, Pediatric Cardiology
Pea, Jennifer Health Support 903-988-7625 Health A.S., LVN
Rhodes, Treva Disabilities Coordinator 903-988-7665 Disabilities M. Ed., Principal EC-12, Educational Diagnostician PK-12, ESL EC-8, EC-4 Generalist, Elementary 1-8, Social Studies 1-8
Richardson, Lisa EcoLand Education Specialist 903-988-7651 EcoLand Specialist, Head Start and CIA, Early Childhood Learning Center B.S.Ed., Elementary Early Childhood Education PK-6, Elementary English 1-8, Elementary Self-Contained Grades 1-8
Ruiz, Adriana Bilingual Support 903-988-7633 Bilingual B.A.
Stewart, Tracy Program Compliance Coordinator 903-988-7644 Program Compliance B.S., M.Ed., Licensed Social Worker
TeWell, Jessica Health and Nutrition Administrative Secretary 903-988-7622 Health and Nutrition
Tuck, Misti EcoLand Secretary 903-988-7682 EcoLand
Waits, Jennifer Administrative Secretary 903-988-7655 Head Start Administration
Wernli, Karen Education Specialist 903-988-7611 Education B.S.Ed. ECE
Woodard-Shaw, Felicia Assistant Director 903-988-7608 Program Compliance, Health, Nutrition B.S., Organizational Management; M.A., Human Sciences, Conflict Resolution Mediator
Wyatt, Erin Health and Nutrition Support 903-988-7613 Health and Nutrition
Information Management Systems
Employee Name Title Phone Number Specialization/Program Credentials
Brewer, Kerry Student Information System Specialist 903-988-6849 TxEIS Student, txGradebook, txConnect Parent Portal
Bruhn, Barbara Director of Technology Services 903-988-6728 Digital Learning, Information Management System, Information Technology, Workshop Services B.B.A., M.B.A., RTSBA
Burton, Carlton Systems Analyst 903-988-6742 TxEIS Technician, TSDS B.S.C.S.
Callahan, Kim Business Information System Specialist 903-988-6755 TxEIS Business Software, TSDS PEIMS CTSBO
Carpenter, Mechelle PEIMS Specialist 903-988-6839 PEIMS B.B.A., CTSBS
Christopher, Pamela IMS Business Specialist 903-988-6907 TxEIS Business Software, TSDS PEIMS B.B.A., RTSBA
Fernandez, Jessica IMS Business Specialist / PEIMS Specialist 903-988-6747 TxEIS Business Software, TSDS PEIMS, ECDS B.B.A., M.B.A.
Owens, Susie Student Information System Specialist 903-988-6920 TxEIS Student, TSDS PEIMS, txGradebook, txConnect Parent Portal CTSBO
Warnix, Lisa Student Information System Specialist 903-988-6744 TxEIS Student, TSDS PEIMS, txGradebook, txConnect Parent Portal
York, Ruth Assistant Director 903-988-6752 Information Management Systems, TxEIS, Funding & Accountability B.S., CPA, RTSBA
Information Technology
Employee Name Title Phone Number Specialization/Program Credentials
Bruhn, Barbara Director of Technology Services 903-988-6728 Digital Learning, Information Management System, Information Technology, Workshop Services B.B.A., M.B.A., RTSBA
Cornett, Sherry Administrative Secretary 903-988-6928 Administrative Assistant
Edney, Melissa Administrative Secretary 903-988-6746 Administrative Assistant
Holte, Greg Desktop Support Technician 903-988-6944 Technology, HelpDesk A+ Certification
Kissick, Michael Desktop Support Technician 903-988-6805 Technology, HelpDesk A.A., CCENT, CCNA
McAdams, Chance Technology Specialist II 903-988-6898 Technology A.A., Desktop Support Certification, Windows Server System Administration Certification
O'Sullivan, Tim Network Specialist II 903-988-6958 Technology, Networking M.S.
Swetnam, Kenneth Network Specialist II 903-988-6930 Technology, Networking CCNA
Vaughn, Steve Associate Director 903-988-6922 Technology B.S.
Warriner, Ben WAN Specialist 903-988-6949 Technology, Networking B.S.
Williams, Cindy Administrative Secretary 903-988-6939 Technology, Helpdesk
School Operations
Employee Name Title Phone Number Specialization/Program Credentials
Arevalo, Corina Communication Technician 903-988-6981 B.S. Graphic Design, Scopist Certification
Baird, Rhonda Administrative Secretary/Support 903-988-6842 A.A.S
Barrett, Geri Child Nutrition Technician 903-988-6832 Commodity Processing, NSLP Technical Assistance
Brady, Catherine Specialist 903-988-6818
Chenoweth, Katie Assistant Deputy Executive Director 903-988-6778 Purchasing, HR, Communications, eTrain B.A. Journalism, M.S. Marketing
Fitch, Kelly Custodian 903-988-6934
Hemann, Ronnie Deputy Executive Director 903-988-6834 Human Resources M.Ed., Driver Education 6-12, Health and Physical Education 6-12, Business Administration 6-12, Mid-Management Administrator PK-12, Superintendent PK-12
Jones, Angel Custodian 903-988-6934
Key, Walter Field Service Agent 903-988-6921
Knight, Roy Field Service Agent 903-988-6828
Lakey, Martha Purchasing Technician 903-988-6859 Purchasing Cooperative
Mathis, Vicelia Custodian 903-988-6934
Montgomery, Christopher Shipping/Receiving Manager 903-988-6716
Palmer, Amy Printing Services Technician 903-988-6775 Quotes, Print Requests
Revell, Elaine Child Nutrition Coordinator 903-988-6782 Child Nutrition B.S. Nutrition & Food Science, SNS, TASN Level 5 Certified
Rogers, Vernis Field Service Agent 903-988-6724 School Board Training M.A., Driver Education 6-12, Vocational Agriculture 6-12, Mid-Management Administrator PK-12, Superintendent PK-12
Rosas, Viatriz Lead Custodian 903-988-6934
Stamper, Laurie Child Nutrition Specialist 903-988-6764 Menu Planning, Food Production Records B.S. Nutrition, M.S. Institutional Administration, SNS
Stone, Summer Communication Specialist 903-988-6972 Communications, Website Design, Graphic Design B.B.A Marketing
Taylor, Brent Director 903-988-6845 Purchasing M.Ed., Biology 6-12, Health and Physical Education 6-12, Counselor PK-12, Mid-Management Administrator PK-12
Thompson, Marvin Associate Director 903-988-6830 School Finance, Superintendent Training M.B.A., M.Ed., Economics 6-12, Business Administration 6-12, Mid-Management Administrator PK-12, Superintendent PK-12
Vineyard, Tracie Administrative Secretary 903-988-6802
Special Education
Employee Name Title Phone Number Specialization/Program Credentials
Beall, Jill Special Education Specialist 903-988-6765 Accessible Instructional Materials, Assistive Technology M.Ed., Elementary Self-Contained 1-8, MR PK-12
Bement, Shirley Administrative Secretary 903-988-6895
Beran, Beverly Director 903-988-6910 Autism, 504, Residential Placement M.Ed., Special Education EC-12, Principal EC-12
Carter, Nicki Administrative Secretary 903-988-6773
Crissey, Helen Specialist 903-988-6977
Holt, Donna Special Education Specialist 903-988-6896 PPCD, Early Childhood Intervention, Preschool LRE M.Ed., Elementary Self-Contained 1-8, Reading 1-8, Generic Special Education PK-12, Seriously Emotionally Disturbed and Autistic
McBurnett, Diana Associate Deputy Executive Director 903-988-6909 Special Education Rules, Regulations and Guidance, Special Education Funding, Charter Schools M.Ed., MAIS, English Language Arts 6-12, Reading 6-12, Theatre Arts 6-12, Generic Special Education 6-12, ED DIAG PK-12, Speech 6-12
Montalvo, Jennifer Specialist 903-988-6975 Adapted PE, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Life Skills, Low Incidence Disabilities, STAAR Alternate
Perkins, Stacey Specialist 903-988-6911 Progress in the General Curriculum (Elementary) M.A., K-12 Special Education, 6-12 English, 1-8 ELA, ESL
Reavis, Jacqueline Specialist 903-988-6978 Differentiation of Instruction - Elementary, Secondary, Inclusion, Reading Special Education, Secondary Transition-Special Education, Student Intervention Assistance, VAC Special Education
Schulik, Cheryl Assistant Director 903-988-6903 M.Ed., Generalist EC-4, Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments EC-12, Hearing Impaired PK-12, Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist
Sturm, Jennifer Coordinator 903-988-6816 Secondary Transition-Special Education, VAC Special Education, Behavior and Discipline Management M.Ed., Principal (EC-12), Early Childhood Education (PK-KG)
Wilson, Kim Administrative Secretary 903-988-6766 A.A.
Woods, Quentin Special Education Specialist 903-988-6901 Behavior and Discipline Management, CPI, Response to Intervention, Secondary Transition Ed. D., English 6-12, Physical Education PK-12, Mid-Management Administrator PK-12, Superintendent EC-12
Zuniga, Felicia Administrative Secretary 903-988-6891
Workshop Services
Employee Name Title Phone Number Specialization/Program Credentials
Bruhn, Barbara Director of Technology Services 903-988-6728 Digital Learning, Information Management System, Information Technology, Workshop Services B.B.A., M.B.A., RTSBA
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