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Program Cost

Application Fee


  • A non-refundable fee of $100 is required with this application.
  • You may pay by check, money order or online at the Region 7 Store.


Pre-Assignment Preparation Fee & Technology Fee


Upon program acceptance, the candidate must pay a nonrefundable pre-assignment preparation fee $495, and nonrefundable $35 technology fee. Fees include books, online study, ASEP technology fee, and preparation sessions.


Internship Fee


The nonrefundable internship fee of $4,725 will be paid on a monthly basis throughout the internship year.


Payments of $393.75 per month begin the month after orientation.  When employed, the monthly fee based upon your balance at the time of hire, must be deducted from the intern’s monthly salary in 12 equal payments by the employing ISD during the internship year (first year of employment.)


Additional Fees


TX PACT: $106


TExES Content Exam: $116


TExES PPR Exam: $116


Intern Certificate: $78


Standard Certificate: $78


Fingerprinting SBEC: $57


Out-of-Region Fee (Internship not in Region 7): $500


Extension Fees (If a teacher does not complete the program requirements in the first year and has to extend into a second or third year. Extension is a possibility, but not guaranteed.): $200/each month for 2nd year & $300/each month for 3rd year