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Candidacy & Internship

According to state rule and program requirements, 30 hours of field-based observation, a minimum of 150 hours of coursework, and a passing score on the TExES Content test must be completed before issuing an Internship Certificate which is needed to apply for teaching positions.  If you qualify as a late hire, you have 90 days from the beginning of your Internship to complete these requirements. Please get in touch with Region 7 TPCP for more information.



The Internship round is open to all program candidates. To begin a teaching internship, interns must meet the testing and training hours requirements (see above). Interns complete one school year (two consecutive semesters) in a full-time paid teaching position. Region 7 does not place interns in teaching positions. Each candidate must secure his/her own employment. An internship assignment shall not be less than an average of four hours each day. Training is ongoing throughout the Internship. Region 7 TPCP training is blended, online, and face-to-face. The face-to-face will be held only one Saturday each month from September thru May and up to 15 days in June.

Non-paid position with a cooperating mentor teacher. TPCP Candidates who cannot secure a teaching position have the option of completing a fourteen-week clinical teaching assignment in place of an internship to complete certification requirements. To be eligible to apply for a clinical teaching assignment, TPCP Candidates must complete all training, pass all required exams, and have all fees paid in full.

After receiving notification of employment from an accredited public, private, or charter school, please follow the steps outlined below: 

  • Complete the Employment Information form and return it to the TPCP office within 10 days of notification of employment.

  • After completing items #1 and #2 on the Statement of Eligibility for Internship form, please take the form to your district for completion of item #3. Once completed, the district emails the form to the TPCP office.

  • Along with the Statement of Eligibility for Internship, take the District Responsibilities information page and the following forms to your district. They will complete and send them back to the TPCP office.

    • District Participation Agreement
    • Contracted Services Agreement
    • Internship Agreement
    • Payroll Deduction Approval

  • Go to TEAL and log in. Then, click on "View Application/Fee Status" on the left to be sure that you have completed the fingerprint process and paid for the intern certificate. Once this process has been completed, Region 7 will submit a recommendation for an intern certificate.  

  • Please note that TEA will not backdate an intern certificate for more than 60 days. Therefore, failure to submit your paperwork in a timely fashion could negatively impact your salary. It can also adversely impact your status in the program.