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Active Supervision

Children learn best when they are in safe, well-supervised environments. Head Start staff can reduce the possibility of a child getting hurt when they closely observe children and respond when needed. Using redundant strategies to ensure no child is left unattended is a way of making certain that all children are safe and free to learn in the best way suited to their stage of development.
Use the resources below, in addition to training you receive, to ensure that you are providing a safe and well supervised environment for the children in your care.
Create a daily classroom schedule
for the children and teachers to follow. This helps to keep the day predictable for all members of the classroom community.

Create a chart
that specifies which teacher is in charge of which area/ activity, as well as what individual duties are during the transitions before and after the activity. Zoning allows every member of the team to be accountable and informed.

Position your body
so you are always able to see the children. If you are on your knees in the classroom, be sure you can see over the shelving units so that you are aware of the children's whereabouts at all times.

Scan your assigned area
and the rest of the classroom at all times. This allows staff members to be constantly aware of what is happening in the classroom.

Talk to the other staff members
in the classroom throughout the day. Be sure to highlight positive behaviors you see the children engaging in, "Wow, look at these children trading toys so nicely", as well as address any issues that may arise,"Teacher Teri, I need to help Oscar wash his hands, can you cover my area?"

from the National Center on Quality Teaching and Learning
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