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Response to Intervention

 Stock ImageResponse to Intervention is a problem-solving process that helps identify the needs of students early and supplies an educator with the data necessary to make informed decisions regarding appropriate, evidence-based intervention to best meet those needs. The multi-tiered structure accommodates students by providing them with intense instruction driven by their learning needs. Because of frequent monitoring, the instruction occurs when it may be of most benefit to struggling students.
The problem that the process is seeking to solve is always: "How can we tap the strengths of the student to provide the supports necessary to maximize the student's learning potential?" The goal of the intervention is to provide instruction that will allow students to perform optimally in Tier 1, if possible, or to find instruction that will allow them to reach their educational potential. Tiers 2 and 3 always provide instruction in addition to Tier 1 classroom processes rather than instead of Tier 1 interventions.
RtI is a systemic process that necessitates support from top level administration and building level instructional leaders. A clearly articulated vision and common goals should unify the district. RtI implementation requires long term commitment and a delineated system of assessment, progress monitoring, and intervention strategies defined by curriculum.

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