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School Bus Driver Safety Certification Training is a state-mandated program to provide an initial 20 hours of safety certification training required of all school bus drivers. Also, an eight-hour re-certification training for all drivers every three years, thereafter. The purpose of this training is to assist schools in providing safety for students while being transported to and from school and on school-sponsored trips.

Instructors are located throughout our 17-county region with classes scheduled periodically throughout the year.

Taking a re-certification class within 180 days prior to expiration date is recommended. A driver cannot legally drive a Texas school bus if their expiration date has passed.
The Bus Driver Certification Program will enforce the Cancellation/Refund policy adopted by the ESC for any “no-show” participants beginning January 1, 2021. Any driver registered to attend a Bus Driver 20 Hour or 8 Hour class that does not drop their registration 3 calendar days prior to the class will be charged for the session. For full information please view our Workshop Policy webpage.  
1. Bus drivers must have a valid Texas CDL license, either Class A or B (with P and S endorsements.)
2. Bus drivers must be at least 18 years of age.
3. Bus drivers must have a safe driving record in accordance with state law and district requirements.
4. All drivers must pass a physical examination by a TxDOT-certified physician each year. The day the physical is taken invalidates the previous physical. If failed, the driver must notify Transportation management immediately. Under DOT regulations, a driver cannot drive with a failed physical.
5. TX DPS requires that all Texas CDL holders must provide a Self-Certification Affidavit (CDL-7) at the time of license renewal and/or changes required by TxDOT.
6. Bus drivers with a class A or B State CDL license must complete the approved "state certification”. (Refresher course every 3 years)
1. To obtain full initial driver certification, a person must complete a twenty-hour basic training course. The training agency shall issue a "Texas School Bus Driver Safety Training Certificate" in a timely manner, and submit the necessary verification information to the Texas Education Agency.
2. Driver state certification will remain valid for a period of three (3) calendar years as indicated by the expiration date on the certificate. Certification may be revoked or suspended for the conviction of certain criminal offenses as provided by state law.
3. State law requires that every driver transporting students in a school bus MUST have in their possession a valid state certificate stating that they have completed, or are enrolled in, an approved school bus driver training course, as well as, a current DOT physical and valid Texas CDL.
4. Anyone whose certification has expired CANNOT legally operate a school bus for the transportation of students until such time as they become re-certified or obtain a re-enrollment (emergency) certificate. The following rules shall apply to certification renewals:
a. To avoid a lapse in certification, an eight-hour refresher course must be completed prior to the expiration date, and should be completed during the six-month (180-day) period immediately preceding the date of expiration. If the required training is completed within this time, state certification will then be renewed for a period of three calendar years from the upcoming expiration date.
b. During the twelve-month interval immediately following certification expiration, an eight-hour refresher course may be completed for certification renewal. Failure to satisfactorily complete the refresher course or the requested issuance of an enrollment certificate during this dormant time interval will require the completion of a twenty-hour basic training course in order to reinstate full certification status.
c. If the eight-hour refresher course is completed more than 180 days prior to the certification expiration or during the twelve-month interval following expiration, certification will then be renewed for a period of three calendar years from the actual date of the completion of the course.

Training Schedule

Type Date Location Session Instructor
20 Hour Certification September 11 & 18 & 25, 2021 Nacogdoches, TX 194112 Stacy Lampkin
20 Hour Certification September 11 & 18 & 25, 2021 East Texas Advanced Manufacturing Academy Longview, TX 195116 Earlene Moon
20 Hour Certification September 11 & 18 & 25, 2021 Tyler, TX 197502 Yvetta Henry
8 Hour Re-Certification September 25, 2021

Spring Hill Junior High Library Longview, TX

198615 Ken Wall
Type Date Location Session Instructor
8 Hour Re-Certification October 2, 2021 Longview, TX 195119 Earlene Moon
8 Hour Re-Certification October 9, 2021 Tyler, TX 197508 Yvetta Henry

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