School Board Summit

Leadership: Translating Vision Into Reality

This School Board Training Summit will offer you the opportunity to get your required hours for School Board training with multiples session to attend. Please come enjoy the training and learn new information.

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Breakouts include:
Finance Basics
with Dr. Michael Davis
The purpose of this training is to provide the school board member with a basic understanding of the Foundation School Program and how it is used to provide revenue to Texas school districts.
Managing the Media 
with Mike Alzamora and Jennifer Hines
Taking steps now to build relationships with the media can make all the difference in sharing your message and it's even more helpful during a PR crisis. This session will share simple tips to build relationships with local media, prepare for interviews, and what to do when a crisis hits. Attendees will hear practical advice from communication experts with decades of experience and stories from the trenches.
Let the Sunshine In, but Not Too Far Please: Open Government Pitfalls
with Blair Craven and Kelli Karczewski
Public school districts, and specifically school boards, are tasked with knowing and complying with many laws that ensure open and transparent government. This includes awareness of the impact technology has had on both the Open Meetings Act and Public Information Act Here, an experienced school lawyer, together with an area superintendent, discuss the top mistakes made by board members when using email, cell phones, and other forms of electronic communication.
Intro to the Texas Education Code
with Roy Knight
In your first year, you must complete a basic “Orientation to the Education Code” training course with an emphasis on governing Texas school districts, and a focus on parental rights and health education.
A Peek Inside the Dome: What’s Really Happening at the Capitol and How You Can Make an Impact on Policy Priorities
with Missy Bender, Bob Popinski, and Max Rombado
What REALLY happens at the Capitol, and can school board trustees truly impact education policy in Austin? Yes! Engage in this conversation with a former Board President and Raise Your Hand Texas’ policy team about the priority issues of the upcoming 88th Legislature and how your board can tap into the power of grassroots engagement that fits your district’s level of readiness. You’ll hear examples from other districts’ success and learn about the sometimes-mysterious world of 1100 Congress Avenue.
Trial by Facebook: Running a School District in the Social Media Age
with Blair Craven and Kelli Karczewski
We know that social media permeates almost every aspect of our lives. As governmental bodies, how can we respond to electronic speech that disrupts operations, without running afoul of the First Amendment? This session, taught by a school law attorney, will cover the perimeters of appropriate response to social media speech displayed by both employees and students. Parent use of social media, as well as employee and student expression in other areas such as dress and grooming will also be reviewed.
The Bond Process - Start to Finish
with Dr. Michael Davis, Dr. Glen Hambrick, and Larry Lassiter
With all the tasks at hand, it would be easy to forget about community engagement, but it’s essential that school districts keep everyone in the loop about the taxpayer-funded bond program. Dr. Glen Hambrick retired superintendent Carthage ISD & Dr. Michael Davis former Cushing ISD superintendent suggests a few strategies to help create consistent and proactive engagement throughout the bond program.
Board Operating Procedures & Meeting Management
with Roy Knight
This training will outline the Boards general powers and duties under TEC Chapter 21 and to apprise board members of the standards of conduct and conflict including procedures for appropriate board meeting management.
You Be the Judge: The School Board as a Tribunal
with Blair Craven and Kelli Karczewski
All governing bodies are called upon by law to create policy opportunities to “hear” from their constituents. As a school board, you satisfy this obligation during the public comment portion of each board meeting. Your role intensifies, however, when acting as a decision-making body in response to employee and parent grievances, as well as contract nonrenewal and termination hearings. This session will ensure that you approach each platform with a clear understanding of trustee do’s and don’ts.
Strategic Planning for the Future
with Buck Gilcrease
This training will empower board members to identify/align inputs and outcomes to identify and measure stakeholders' needs in an ever-changing environment. Board members will be provided with support for their continued improvement journey and advance them into the environment of elite organizations.
Evaluating and Improving Student Outcomes
with Dr. Drew Howard
SB 1566 requires that all school board members to be trained in Evaluating and Improving Student Outcomes. This workshop will provide a look at how school board, progress monitoring, accountability, and implementation make a difference in student outcomes. This will be a three-hour training that is required above any of the “level” trainings previously mandated. However, if ALL school board members and the superintendent from a district attend the training together and work together throughout the training, dual credit for SB 1566 and Team of Eight training may be awarded.
Emergency Management
with Carmen Apple, Kevin Starbuck, Deaun Stinecipher, and Dr. Paul Thompson
An overview of the Texas Division of Emergency Management; What should school leaders know about TDEM operations before, during, and after a disaster; How can school leaders coordinate with TDEM to effectively assist each other. There will also be a Q & A.
Public School Legislative and Financial Update
with Buck Gilcrease and Dan Huberty
An overview of the Legislative and Financial climate in Texas after the 87th Legislative session and before the 88th Legislative session. Board members will receive practical guidance needed to position their schools for success.
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