SpeakUp Survey Opens October 16

The passages below were excerpted from TCEA Blogpost written by Jennifer Bergland.  See the entire post at this link and learn more about Project Tomorrow and the free SpeakUp Research Project for Digital Learning.   

...   Would it surprise you if you found that 53 percent of your middle and high school students felt they needed the Internet at home to do their homework, but only 13 percent of your teachers were assigning homework that needed the Internet? ...

Project Tomorrow is a national education nonprofit group whose mission is to “ensure that today’s students are well SpeakUpprepared to be tomorrow’s innovators, leaders, and engaged citizens of the world.” The SpeakUp Research Project for Digital Learning is a national research project and a free service to schools and districts to gather survey data from students, teachers, librarians, campus and district administrators, parents, and community members. It is designed to help education leaders as they create and implement their vision of the next generation learning model. And it is completely free to school districts.