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eTrain Advantage
eTrain Advantage is an online legal training program designated specifically for educators. Districts have the opportunity to purchase as a complete package or by individual course titles. These programs provide state-required preventative and compliance training, by using interactive and engaging content. The benefits of flexible scheduling, administrative monitoring, cost-effective pricing, and dependable record keeping make this product a MUST HAVE for all districts!

Course Offerings:
  • Bullying & other forms of Peer Abuse
  • Sexual Harassment (Certified Teachers, Non-Certified Teachers, Administrators)
  • Blood Borne Pathogens
  • Ethics in Education
  • Special Education/Section 504/RTI
  • Legal Training for Substitute Teachers
  • Orientation to the
  • Substitute Training
  • **NEW** School Board Member Orientation (fulfills the 3 hr. new board member TASB requirement)

Click HERE to view the upcoming eTrain course schedule!