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Policy Council

What is Policy Council?

Policy Council is made up of elected parent representatives from each classroom. The primary purpose of Policy Council is to assist in making important decisions regarding policies, hiring and termination of employees, curriculum, and budget decisions. The following are true of Policy Council members:
  • Policy Council members are both the voice of the classroom parents at the monthly Policy Council Meeting and the voice of Policy Council when reporting back to their Parent Committees.
  • Policy Council members have a broader involvement in the education of all Head Start children.
  • Members play a role in building relationships between Head Start and the community in which we all live.
  • Policy Council members strengthen their skills in communication, compromise, and Parliamentary Procedure.
  • No previous experience necessary!

To learn more about Policy Council, click here.
    Policy Council Information

    12 County Calendar- 2017-2018 / Rains and Franklin Calendar- 2017-2018

    Meeting Agendas & Minutes

    Rains and Franklin Counties Policy Council Agendas & Minutes

    2016-2017 12 County Policy Council


    2016-2017 Rains and Franklin Policy Council


    Thank you to all our Policy Council members for your faithful service to our Head Start and Early Head Start children and families!

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