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Best Practices Defined

The term " Best Practice " has been used to describe " what works " in a particular situation or environment.

When data supports success, it is referred to as a research-based practice or scientifically-based practice .  Keep in mind that a particular practice, which has worked for someone within a given set of variables, may or may not yield the same results across educational environments.

Region 7 ESC pledges to provide a platform for partners to research, and to compile, disseminate and best promote practices for educators and families with the goal of improving educational opportunities for all children.   We are in the process of developing a dynamic database of information, literature, and materials compiled from a variety of local, state, and national resources that will be continuously updated.

Our goal is to support innovative leaders : administrators, practitioners, and community members seeking successful strategies that work in a variety of settings and impact early childhood, elementary, and secondary education.  

Critical Success Factors Factors which influence success are grounded in evidence-based research and are keys for improvement. These factors are evident within the framework of the Texas Accountability Intervention System developed by the Texas Education Agency and Texas Center for District & School Support .   View/Print   Critical Success Factors Document
Title I Distinguished Schools: Region 7 is proud to also recognize and celebrate the Title I Distinguished Schools that have embodied the seven Critical Success Factors.

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