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Region 7 Accountability Turnaround Team

The ESC 7 Accountability Turnaround Team supports districts and campuses in improving student performance through implementation of evidence-based systemic practices in leadership and instruction by:
  • Reviewing campus and district data in order to identify potential issues and notify district and campus leadership. 
  • Holding meetings for district and campus leadership to share information about requirements. 
  • Training campus/district staff and professional service providers in their responsibilities. 
  • Assisting district/campus leadership and professional service providers in the development and implementation of the school improvement plan. 
  • Identifying strategies most likely to have a significant impact, including professional development available through the Region 7 Education Service Center.
  • Communicating deadlines for intervention requirements. 
  • Serving as liaison between the Texas Education Agency and the district/campus for the accountability systems, as requested. 
  • Facilitating creation of a communication network among campus/district leadership and professional service providers in the region. 

This is a free service. Additional fee-based services targeting school improvement include TEKS Resource System, DMAC, Instructional Coaching, Professional Learning Communities sessions, and Response to Intervention. Other individualized services targeted to meet district and campus needs may be arranged through a customized service agreement.
Program Contact
Henryett Lovely, Ed.D.