House Bill 5 Contacts at Region 7
Links to external resources are provided for the convenience of Region 7 ESC customers and do not constitute an endorsement. 
AchieveTexas.org has great resources for counselors, teachers, administrators, students and parents to help facilitate educational decisions and prepare students for college and career success. LiveBinder Resources, information on Programs of Study, best practices, planning guides and much more can be found on this website.
The Labor Market and Career Information (LMCI) website offers a multitude of resources and data on careers, educational training options, and jobs that can be used by educators, parents, and students to make career and educational decisions.
The Texas Consumer Resource for Education and Workforce Statistics (Texas CREWS) is an interactive dashboard tool providing comparative information about Texas public 2-year and 4-year institutions of higher education. By evaluating programs and institutions on the basis of resultant wages and student loan levels, Texas CREWS allows parents and students to make informed decisions about college and get the best return on their educational investment.
Reality Check Texas is a great resource for students to use to determine how much money they might need to live on their own and find careers that pay a fitting salary. This website also has a Future Salary tool that allows students to put in how much money they want to make and find careers that pay that amount. Students can also take advantage of the Occupation Direct tool, which allows students to type in the career they are interested in and find out what they can buy with their chosen occupation. 
The Career & Technical Association of Texas (CTAT) website provides information on certification and training opportunities, labor market and data analysis, CTE curriculum, College and Career Readiness (CCR), and additional resources that can help educators determine courses and program implementation to align with HB 5 requirements. 
HB 5 has a great impact on higher education, and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) is responsible for providing advice and comprehensive planning capability for higher education to the Legislature, coordinating the effective delivery of higher education, administering programs efficiently and improving higher education for Texas. This website has resources for parents and students in applying and paying for college, grant aid, military information and much more. Educators can use this site to obtain laws and rules related to HB 5, career and workforce resources and information, higher education data and more. 
The Texas College and Career Readiness website helps educators navigate through a planning guide designed to help answer the question of whether or not students in their schools and districts are college and career ready. The profile planning guide will help clarify, deepen and operationalize district and campus understanding of college and career readiness.